Over the past few years, there was been an ever increasing drum beating by Democrats and their Globalist pals for conflict with Russia. Just in the last couple of weeks, some Democrats are claiming that the alleged hacking of our elections was ″an act of war″! Really? So they want us to have an actual ′shooting war′ with Russia, a nation with some 20,000 nuclear weapons? All because they think that the Russians helped Donald Trump become president. It never enters their puny minds that maybe Hillary Clinton was just a bad candidate to begin with? The anti-Russian propaganda machine of The Media has been on full tilt supporting these allegations. Now, Hollywood is about to release an ′epic movie′ spectacular to further the cause!

war with russia

Get ready for ″Bitter Harvest″. A major motion picture highlighting the ′Holodomor′, a famine launched by Josef Stalin in the early 1930s to depopulate the Ukraine and other regions of the former Soviet Union. Many film critics in The Media are already heaping praise on this movie. The Huffington Post, for example, says that ″Bitter Harvest″ is ″The history you don′t know and cannot imagine.″

Now, the Holodomor did actually happen and several million people did indeed starve to death as a result. Estimates of the death toll run from about 2 million to as high as 12 million, though it was probably closer to 3 to 4 million. The movie is a love story as the hero tries to save his girlfriend while helping a growing Ukraine independence movement. Stalin is depicted as a very bad guy, which he was, who deliberately engineered the famine to suppress the independence movement. However, that is not quite what actually happened.

Famines in the Soviet Union, even in old Czarist Russia, were not that uncommon. When I first saw a TV commercial for ″Bitter Harvest″, I was immediately reminded of the scene in ″Dr. Zhivago″ where Dr. Yuri Zhivago diagnoses a death in Moscow as being from starvation shortly after Lenin led the Bolshevik Revolution. Indeed, it was not long after when even Lenin, himself, came to realize that ′collective farming′ was a bad idea and reinstated some degree of private farming. Heck, the Mayflower Pilgrims tried collective farming when they first arrived at their Plymouth Colony and many starved. In the early 1930s, the Soviet Union once again interfered with farmers in forcing them to grow crops like sugar beets rather than the usual grains. As a result, grain production fell so low that food rationing was required across the USSR.

I remember my father, who was born and raised in Saskatchewan, Canada, often talking about the ′Kulaks′ and the ′Dukhobors′, many of whom had fled Russia in the late 1800s and resettled in Canada. During the Czarist days in Russia, the old style serfdom was still being practiced. Aristocrats owned huge estates and peasant serfs worked the land. Throughout the 19th Century, this system was challenged many times. After the American and French Revolutions, the old days of monarchs and aristocrats appeared to be numbered. Napoleon, in particular, did quite a bit to spread these radical ideas as he marched his armies across Europe. By the mid-19th Century, some monarchs began to institute land reforms.

Russia was slow to catch on, but even there the winds of change were brewing. The Dukhobors, in particular, began causing much trouble. They were mostly Ukrainian and practiced a form of Christianity which was not appreciated by the Russian Orthodox Church. The Dukhobors became quite a nuisance, often using arson and dynamite to make their displeasure known. Sometimes they would even stage protest marches in the nude! Russian aristocrats and the Czars troops would routinely raid and suppress them. Many fled to other countries, funded by their rather productive work ethic. They may have been trouble makers, but they knew how to farm and turn a profit!

As the 20th Century dawned, even the Czar finally had to start making some reforms. Peasants were given land and over time, the more successful ones acquired additional land. These Middle-Class farmers became known as the Kulaks. They usually had farms several times larger than your average peasant, as well as farming machinery like grain mills and such. The richer ones even organized their own banks, lending money to other farmers. Needless to say, when the Bolsheviks took over, the Kulaks were in big trouble for practicing a form of Capitalism.

While your ′Denny′s-Placemat′ version of history tells us about the Bolshevik Revolution in 1917, the Russian Civil War lasted much longer, well into the early 1920s. During all of that chaos and bloodshed, food production often suffered, resulting in a series of famines. As I mentioned earlier, Lenin′s push for collective farming, which was a direct assault on Kulaks, was proven to have been a bad idea. Lenin restored the Kulak system prior to his death, but after, when Stalin took over, he had other plans.

By 1930, Stalin abolished the Kulaks, sending many to gulags or collective farms across the USSR. Before being arrested, the Kulaks responded by slaughtering their livestock and burning crops. Thus, by 1932, the Soviet agricultural industry was in complete disarray. Stalin further complicated matters by rejecting assistance from The West. He certainly was not going to admit that he screwed up. The famine caused went on to create more discontent, as well as deaths, so much so that by 1936, Stalin launched a 2 year-long campaign of purges, killing millions more and sending even more millions to gulag labor camps. Even the Soviet military was purged of potential rebels whom Stalin feared.

As the world′s attention turned towards Nazi Germany and Adolph Hitler, public sentiment against Stalin and the Soviet Communists slowly changed. FDR launched his own PR campaign to get Americans thinking that the Russian Communists are just like us, happy, hard working folk. Hollywood joined in this effort back then, including a series of movies ranging from ″Ninotchka″ to ″Mission to Moscow″ to sell Americans on how friendly and nice Stalin and the USSR were.

There is no doubt that the Stalin and the USSR bore the brunt of the fighting in Europe against Nazi Germany. About three-quarters of the Germany Army fought on the East Front against the Soviets. The fighting there was apocalyptic with massive armies battling each other. But, what I find interesting in all of the more recent pro-Ukraine chatter by our politicians and ′experts′ is how they are ignoring the fact that a whole lot of Ukrainians fought alongside Nazi Germany. Indeed, while the War in Europe′′officially′ ended in May of 1945, the drive to Berlin by the Soviets left much of the Ukraine unoccupied. There were still armies in the field fighting in Ukraine until about 1952! The Ukrainian Air Force even had some of Germany′s infamous jet fighters, the Me-262.

So why are Democrats today pushing for war with Russia? Why are even some Republicans, like Senators John McCain and Lindsey Graham so hot-to-trot for the Ukrainians? Well, why do you think? MONEY!!! Yep, the Globalists, like our old buddy George Soros, have major financial investments in Ukraine. Both Bill Clinton and George W. Bush, along with Barack Obama, tried to walk that fine line between supporting Ukraine while not offending Russia too much. In some respects, this is very much like the China-Taiwan situation. China sees the island of Formosa as belonging to them while the Taiwanese think otherwise.

The Obama administration has tried to play nice with Russia while inching Ukraine more and more into the NATO alliance and eventually the European Union. That is the Globalist agenda. To get as many nations as possible to belong to these various multinational associations. The election of President Donald Trump has tossed a huge monkey wrench into this scheme. Trump is no fan of the New World Order! He is a Nationalist, often remarking in his speeches about how the nation state is a fundamental political organization which must be respected.

The Democrats have yet to accept the real reasons why Hillary Clinton lost her election bid. Instead, they are trying to blame it all on Vladimir Putin and Russia hacking the election. Some Democrats are even calling this an ′Act of War′! Naturally, The Media is doing there part in promoting this notion. Now, Hollywood is joining in with this new movie, ″Bitter Harvest″, portraying a less than honest ′history′ about Russia suppressing Ukraine. The real history is that collective farming is a recipe for famine. That Communism, as well as the Socialism it is based upon, are killers. Populations living under such regimes will suffer, not only from a lack of political freedom, but even on a lack of the basic essential for life. We are seeing that unfold in Venezuela, where there is a serious lack of food. Most Americans are on the fat side because we have Capitalism here. If you want to eat your fill, then be a Capitalist!

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