For a second day, President Donald Trump has been tweeting on Twitter about how Barack Obama had wiretapped his campaign. A clearer picture is now emerging of what may have actually happened as The Media tries to downplay the scandal. The typical hypocrisy is not hard to see. For example, the New York Times had as its headline yesterday that President Trump offered ″No Evidence″ about the wiretapping. However, it was an actual story in the NY Times back on January 19 which alluded to information about Michael Flynn′s contacts with Russian officials may have been derived from a wiretap!

Trump wiretap accusation

Meanwhile, the story becomes clearer as more people within both the Obama and Trump administrations begin providing details and sources. We now learn that the Obama White House, through the FBI or Justice Department, may have requested wiretaps on the Trump campaign twice last year. That the first attempt in June was rejected by a FISA Court judge. That first approach to a court established by the Federal Intelligence Surveillance Act for a warrant to conduct the wiretap apparently named Trump as the target, which could explain why the judge rejected the warrant, a rare event. Of the tens of thousands of such requests made over the years since FISA became law, only about 3 dozen requests have been rejected.

The second request was submitted in October of 2016 and this time Trump was not named as the target, but somebody else. Some speculate that it was probably Michael Flynn who was named as the prime suspect in the investigation. This time a FISA Court judge approved the request and issued a warrant to set up a wiretap. There is also speculation that a multiple number of Trump campaign workers and surrogates were listed. Last night on Judge Jeanine Pirro show on the Fox News Channel, former Trump campaign manager, Corey Lewiadowski, claimed that the offices of Senator Jeff Sessions were also bugged. That the meeting between Sen.. Sessions and Russian Ambassador Sergei Kislyak was ″monitored″ by intelligence officials. Late last year, Obama removed some legal barriers between the NSA eavesdropping programs with other branches of government. These barriers had proved cumbersome back when the NSA monitored phone conversations between Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu with members of Congress.

Even while a spokesperson for Barack Obama tweeted a denial on Twitter, a former Obama White House staffer, Jon Favreau, tweeted a caution about the language of the denial. Favreau appears to be alleging that while Obama, himself, and perhaps the White House, did not ″order″ the wiretaps, they may indeed have occurred and that Obama and his staff were aware of it. A report whose source is someone who was part of the Obama White House for seven and a half years acknowledges that the wiretaps were requested, presumably by the FBI, and that Obama had been informed about the act and what information was obtained. Another source who was a former CIA official who routinely briefed the White House on such activity alleges that there is no doubt that Obama was told about everything.

Mind you, as I mentioned in my article yesterday, this whole matter of cooperation or coordination between the Trump campaign and the Russians is ′Fake News′. Both former CIA Director John Brennan and former Director of National Intelligence James Clapper had informed Congress, under oath, that no evidence of any wrong doing had been discovered back last December. In the case of the meetings between Ambassador Kislyak and Sen. Jeff Sessions, one meeting had actually been arranged by the State Department as part of a wider program of treating a group of some 100 foreign dignitaries to a briefing at the RNC Convention in Cleveland. Sessions spoke to the group after his speech before the convention crowd and later participated in a social gathering. The second meeting which took place at Session′s US Senate office was also cleared and approved by the State Department, as are all meetings between members of Congress with foreign dignitaries.

Even in the case of Michael Flynn, the investigations showed that he did nothing wrong nor illegal. Flynn′s only mistake was either outright lying to Vice President Mike Pence about what happened during a phone call with a Russian official, or simply forgetting to mention part of the conversation. The primary purpose of that phone call was for Flynn to arrange a standard congratulatory call from President Vladimir Putin to President-Elect Trump. Whatever else Flynn may have said to Putin′s aide could have been as innocuous as chatting about the weather in New York and Moscow.

In today′s tweets on Twitter, President Donald Trump responds to the wiretap accusations, reminding all about how Barack Obama was caught on a ′hot mic′ to the Russian President Dmitry Medvedev, ″Tell Vladimir Putin after the election I′ll have more flexibility.″, back in 2012. He also tweeted about how the DNC refused to allow the FBI any access to their computer servers after alleging that the Russians hacked them. Maybe he should have also questioned why Hillary Clinton was not wiretapped after she handed over 20% of our uranium ore to the Russians? One thing is certain, this story is not going away any time soon despite the efforts by The Media. The cat is out of the bag, indicating that there may be a division within the ′Deep State′ of career workers within the FBI, Intelligence Community, and the Departments of Justice and State. Up until this weekend, it appeared that many were aligned with the anti-Trump side. However, it seems that perhaps during the effort to plug the leaks, the Trump administration may have stumbled on a more disturbing story about the Obama administration abusing its power to politicize our intelligence apparatus.

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