There appears to be mounting evidence that Barack Obama may be behind the leaks meant to derail President Donald Trump and Attorney General Jeff Sessions. Even the New York Times has been reporting that the Obama administration had been gathering intelligence before the November election, leaving ′landmines′ and a ′trail of bread crumbs′ to sabotage a Trump presidency. President Trump is now charging that Obama had wiretapped the phones at his private residence at Trump Tower before November 8. Some are calling this a ′silent coup′, but given that Obama is behind it, it is starting to look more like a sloppy coup!

Trump Sessions

The latest brouhaha began the day after President Trump delivered an inspired address to a joint session of Congress, a speech that even most of his more ardent critics praised. In order to blunt any positive bump in public opinion, Team Obama drummed up this story about Jeff Sessions having twice met with the Russian Ambassador, Sergey Kislyak. Calls by Democrats and some Republicans for Sessions to recuse himself from any involvement in an official probe into Russian activity over our elections followed the latest leaks. Many of the Democrats calling for these measures have themselves met with Sergei Kislyak.

Some Democrats even are calling for Sessions to resign, claiming he lied to the Senate committee during his confirmation hearings. But, Jeff Sessions did not lie when questioned by Al Franken, who only asked in regards to a Fake News story about ′continuous contact′ between the Trump campaign and Russian officials. Even James Clapper and John Brennan, neither of whom like President Trump, told Congress under oath that there was no such continuous contact, nor any cooperation, back last December. The dossier mentioned by Franken in his question turned out to be totally fabricated, despite these facts, Buzzfeed and CNN reported on the Fake News as if it were real news.

There is no doubt that the Trump administration is under a coordinated attack by Democrats, with much help by The Media. Take, for example, the slow progress caused by Senate Democrats in confirming Trump′s cabinet appointees. Typically, appointees are confirmed with an average of 95-96 votes. Even the so-called, ′Obstructionist GOP′ senators confirmed Obama′s appointees with an average of 92 votes. The average so far for President Trump′s appointees has been 69 senate votes. Talk about obstructionism!

Some pundits are calling for the Trump administration to retaliate by launching investigations of Obama and the Clintons. I am of two minds on this. On the one hand, if we are ever going to truly ′Drain The Swamp′, a powerful example must be made, such as developing a case and convicting Hillary, Bill and even Barack of their many wrong doings. Going after Bill and Hillary Clinton would be easy and most likely successful. However, I have to wonder if sidelining Obama is really such a good idea?

Let us look at history. Under Obama′s leadership, the Democratic Party lost some 1,200 elected offices nationwide. If Obama continues to lead the Democrats, they could easily lose another 200-300 seats in 2018. Probably some 10 to 15 seats in the Senate could be flipped in favor of the GOP, and maybe 20 to 40 House seats. Especially if Trump and the Republicans actually do pass some major legislation by this coming August. By 2018, after Trump′s policies have begun to create more jobs, make streets safer and school choice gains popularity, Van Jones′ nightmare scenario would unfold, with Trump and the GOP making huge inroads into minority voting blocks. Along with national seats, Democrats could lose another couple hundred seats of state legislators as well as governors and even on the county and city level. A whole lot of sheriffs and school board offices could go Republican, bringing a total loss to Democrats to 300 or much, much more!

By 2020, if there are no major ′Black Swan′ events, the Democratic Party could be reduced not only to a regional political party, but even to a point of becoming a Third Party. The ′death toll′ from Obama′s leadership could top 2,000 after the 2020 election! This sort of reminds me of the choice the Allies made in WW2 not to try to assassinate Adolph Hitler, as it was felt that under his stupid leadership, they could win the war 2 years sooner. If what we are seeing so far is the best that Obama and his minions have up their sleeves in trying to undermine President Trump, then the Democrats are in very big trouble of looking extremely petty and foolish.

So, what do you think? Is Barack Obama behind the leaks concerning President Donald Trump? Is Jeff Sessions just the latest target of an Obama led ′silent coup′? Given how much damage Obama has already done to America and his own political party, should we rejoice in the possibility of him doing even more harm to the DNC? Luckily, with President Trump now in the White House, America is free of the lunacy of Obama. Only the Democrats remain in the grip of Obama and his idiocy, so they have plenty to worry about!

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