Barack and Michelle Obama inked a $60 Million dollar book deal with Penguin-Random House. Talk about crime paying! I have to wonder if their books will be classified as fiction works, since everything they say is a lie? But this is not the only news about Obama. Seems that Valerie Jarrett, Michelle′s close ′friend′, is moving into their new mansion in Washington, DC. Gotta wonder about that! The ′official′ story is that Valerie will be assisting Barack Obama as he tries to undermine President Donald Trump and his administration. The New York Times is reporting that well before the inauguration, Obama ordered various departments of the Executive Branch, as well as his White House staff, to compile any and all info that could tie the Trump campaign with Russia.

Obama book deal

Yes, they are still kicking that dead horse around. The Washington Post is spreading more Fake News today about Attorney General Jefferson Sessions having had contact with a Russian ambassador last year. Sessions did meet with Ambassador Sergey Kislyak twice last year. Once at a social party setting with some 23 foreign ambassadors, the second time in connection with Sessions role as head of the Senate Armed Services Committee. Sessions denies that he ever discussed the election campaign with Kislyak. I doubt if Kislyak would have even brought up the topic since the Russians, like the Democrats and The Media, thought that Hillary Clinton was a shoe-in to win.

The New York Times story, if we are to believe it, does seem to prove that President Trump was correct when he said that he suspects that Obama and his former staffers, still working within the government, are behind the numerous leaks to The Media. Some may even make the argument that Obama may be violating federal laws if he is using his mansion as a headquarters for this political activity, since our tax dollars are paying for its security and operations. But, then, this would not be the first time Obama used our tax dollars in a potentially illegal fashion.

We have the rather curious report about how the Obama Justice Department was using a slush fund of monies seized by federal agents to support various Far-Left political groups. A definite ′No-No′, especially if these groups were behind some of the anti-Trump protests and paid for violent rioters. Of course, it doesn′t end there. While Democrats and The Media conduct a witch hunt about Russia interfering with our election, something which the FBI has already discounted, not to mention polling data, Obama was often hacking and interfering with other nations. Tax dollars were spent to fund campaigns against Benjamin Netanyahu′s reelection in Israel, as well as for the ′No′ voters of the Brexit vote last year in the UK. Obama had our intelligence services do some hacking of our own against many countries, including our allies. For example, the NSA was hacking Angela Merkel′s phone conversations.

In 2015, the Obama administration was aware that Russia was attempting to hack our government, along with other countries like China, Iran and North Korea. In August of 2016, the Obama administration said that the Russian efforts to hack our elections were not succeeding, and repeated this in October. Only after Hillary Clinton lost did the tune change. Funny how they are upset that Russia may have tried to influence our election while there is no doubt that The Media, Hollywood, and even the Obama administration itself was very busy trying to tip the scales for Hillary.

The whole Russian hacking thing is ludicrous given that Hillary Clinton, herself, was very cozy with the Russians. Shortly after Hillary approved selling 20% of our uranium ore assets to Russia, her husband, Bill Clinton, gave two speeches in Moscow earning a million dollars for each! Perhaps while we are having a special prosecutor look into possible ties between Trump and Russia, maybe they could also look into the Clinton ties with Russia, too?

So the Obamas book deal will net them $60 Million dollars. After buying three mansions, including a $20 Million dollar estate in Hawaii, I′m sure they need the cash. I feel sorry for the publishers for they will most certainly lose money on this deal. Hillary′s book, which came with a $24 Million dollar advance, hardly sold at all. I wonder if Barack and Michelle Obama will discuss their associations with convicted felon and former next-door-neighbor, Antoin ′Tony′ Rezko, the Syrian bag-man for Nadhmi Auchi, the Iraqi money launderer for Saddam Hussein who was convicted of political bribery in the French Elf Oil scandal? Rezko was the point man for Auchi in a wide range of schemes in Obama′s ′home-state′ of Illinois, which included the $2.5 Billion dollar Riverside Park deal in Chicago. Some 27 Illinois state officials and political operatives were busted by the federal government because of the doings of Rezko and Auchi, including former governor Rod Blagojevich. The wiretap which caught ′Blago′ trying to sell Obama′s US Senate seat was part of this larger corruption probe, known as Operation Board Games. Had Obama lost to John McCain, Obama would have almost certainly been arrested and tried for his role in the various Pay-For-Play schemes involving Rezko, Auchi and Blagojevich.

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