There is little doubt that President Donald J. Trump hit a grand-slam, home run last night when he addressed a joint session of Congress. His speech may not have officially been a ′State of the Union′ address, but it was still magnificent! President Trump spoke for about 67 minutes, receiving numerous standing ovations and over 90 eruptions of applause. Democratic Party members were generally cold and there were a few boos here and there. Many of the female Democrats wore white reminiscent of the suffragette movement. They looked like they belonged to some strange cult, which, I suppose they do. A cult of lies and stupidity! But even their dower faces could not suppress the power and optimism of President Trump as he called for America to become a ″nation of miracles.″

donald trump address congress

There were many, many highlights to the speech. Some in the Fake News Media grudgingly praised it, adding comments like how Trump was more ″normal″ or how this was a ″reset″. But the reality is that most of what President Trump said last night is identical to what he has been saying since the 1980s. The address to Congress was ′Classic Trump′. True, he stayed disciplined for the most part to his written speech. He did not ad-lib until after the first 8 pages. The most moving point was, without a doubt, the final section, where he began to give examples of his ″Nation of Miracles″, sharing the stories of his invited guests.

The most memorable part of this was when he introduced us to the Carryn Owens, wife of William Ryan Owens, a US Navy SEAL who was killed during the recent raid against a terrorist cell in Yemen. President Trump repeated the statement by Secretary of Defense, James ′Mad Dog′ Mattis, that the raid was successful in capturing a hoard of intelligence that will prove useful in future missions. Thus dispelling critics like Sen. John McCain who shamefully called the raid a failure. Carryn Owens received what President Trump called ″a record″ in a series of standing ovations, one being several minutes in length.

Every line of the address was perfect. Starting with an appeal for unity and peace against those fomenting anger and violence in our country. President Donald Trump went through his checklist of accomplishments thus far and laid out his agenda for the upcoming days. Creating jobs, boosting enterprise, restoring security, and building a better America for the future. You have to wonder how the Democrats could be against any of that? As if buying from and hiring Americans was some great sin. But that is why politics has become so corrupt and why we need to ″Drain The Swamp″. Partisan thinking which goes against benefiting Americans is, at the root, what is wrong with the Democratic Party, and is the main reason they have lost some 1,200 elected offices in the past 8 years. It is also why Hillary Clinton lost! Not some silly myth about Russia hacking us.

Perhaps the happiest person in the room last night was Speaker of the House, Paul Ryan. President Trump essentially gave Rep. Ryan the ′green light′ to get the legislative ball rolling. Trump has already shown that he is a man of swift, decisive action. Now, he wants Congress to start acting, too! The days of fooling around, of moaning and groaning are over. Donald Trump is ready to start signing bills into law. His pen is itching and Republicans have no more excuses.

President Trump is a great communicator. Perhaps even better than Ronald Reagan! Personally, I think he is. Reagan was very good at selling his vision. Trump is practically magical when it comes to the ′vision thing′. You could see the faces on GOP members during the speech beam in delight. As if they now realize that they finally have a real leader to follow and win with. Whatever fears they had before the election are fading fast, if not already gone. The post-speech reaction as President Trump was leaving was amazing. I could not keep up with all of the praise he was getting from Republicans as he exited. Like they wanted him to stay and hold their hands for the next four years.

President Donald Trump was the ′Golden Man′ last night as he addressed a joint session of Congress. Even a few Democrats wanted to touch him, to rub him for good luck and fortune. As the Trump agenda of Nationalist Economics unfolds, more will jump on board. Why? Because its good for America! The days of apologizing and agonizing over the past are over. President Trump, as he often said during his campaign, wants us to think big and dream big. That America is a ′Nation of Miracles′. All that is needed is for the government to get out of the way of the innovators, the entrepreneurs, the doers and the shakers. Trumpism is Optimism! And much to the ire of Liberals and The Media, its mighty contagious! Trust in Trump and you WILL prosper!

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