Tonight at 9pm EDT, President Donald J. Trump will address a joint session of Congress. A source from the White House told NBC News that the speech would be about the ″optimism of the American spirit″. To which this morning the brain-dead Mika Brzezinski remarked, ″Whatever THAT means?″ I suppose it means that the American spirit is one of optimism. A ′Can-Do′ spirit where America, an exceptional nation, is capable of achieving great things. Big things! Like building the Panama Canal, defeating Nazi Germany and Japan in WW2, and landing men on the Moon.

joint session of congress

Many of the Democratic Party members of the House and Senate have invited illegal immigrants to attend as guests. The Trump administration has invited some family members of victims killed by illegal immigrants. But tonight′s speech will not only cover President Trump′s plans for securing our borders, but also lay out a number of major agenda items. Perhaps at the top of the list is the White House proposal for the next Federal Budget, which looks to increase defense spending by some $54 Billion dollars. President Trump intends to cover that expense by ending many programs and duplications within the State Department and the EPA, as well as other cuts. He will also talk about future legislation for increasing GDP and job growth.

The President may also talk about defeating ISIS, and radical Islamic terrorism worldwide, now that the Pentagon has developed a plan of action. Early reports are that this may include additional ground troops in Iraq, as well as getting tougher on Syria. For those in the Fake News Media still harping about alleged ties between Russia and President Trump, his new UN Ambassador, Nikki Haley, made a speech yesterday at the United Nations calling on Russia to rethink its support of the Assad regime. Doesn′t sound to me that President Trump is being cozy with the Russkies.

We shall see how the audience reacts tonight when President Donald Trump addresses a joint session of Congress? Will he say anything that gets members from both sides of the aisle to cheer and give him a standing ovation? Will Democratic Party members even applaud President Trump as he enters? Or will they all sit and sneer, perhaps even engage in some cat-calling? Whatever the case, we can expect tonight′s speech to be the topic of The Media and of pundits tomorrow.

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