Last night on the Fox News Channel program ″Tucker Carlson Tonight″, Bill Nye, the so-called ′Science Guy′, said that he wants another Ice Age! Seems that his crusade against global warming is spurred because growers in England are raising grapes. Even worse is that French growers are having bumper crops of grapes. Looks like Bill Nye has something against the wine industry. Maybe he is a shill for the California vineyards? Of course, the problem is that another Ice Age, even a minor one such as the Earth experienced in the 17th and 18th Centuries, known as the ″Little Ice Age″, caused considerable famine and death for starving humans. Not exactly the sort of climate change we can be happy about!

bill nye tucker carlson

Yes, it appears that Bill Nye wants humans to starve and suffer a major die-off. Why else would he want Nature to work against us and begin another Ice Age? Bill Nye is essentially an ′Eco-Terrorist′, who hopes for climate change which would harm the human race. Especially the depopulation of those in the Northern Hemisphere. Hmm, I wonder about that particular aspect. Could it be that Bill Nye has something against those living in Northern Europe, Canada, the United States and Russia? Is there a racial component in his thinking?

Who knows? Bill Nye is a twit! An idiot who thinks that there is no room for skepticism in science. Science is rooted in skepticism. Science is all about a healthy combination of curiosity and skepticism. But not to Bill Nye, who thinks that skeptics should be locked up. Oh sure, he only says that about those skeptical about man-made global warming. But what about tomorrow? What other theories and hypothesis will Bill Nye consider to be grounds for imprisonment? The Climate Alarmists are no different than the Catholic Church which locked up Galileo for thinking that vacuums exist. Not for the Heliocentric Theory as many revisionist historians would have you believe. The Church had known since Copernicus, if not earlier, that the Earth orbited the Sun. But how could there be vacuums if God is everywhere? Oh the heresy!

Tucker Carlson had Bill Nye on last night because Nye has teamed up with old Bernie Sanders on the climate change hoax. Nye said in a speech that global warming skeptics suffer from ″cognitive dissonance″, implying a psychological disorder. I wonder what Freud or Jung would say about a person who desires another Ice Age to cause crop failures and famine? Or seems to have something against the growing of grapes for making wine? I suspect that Freud, at least, would says there is some sexual dysfunction involved in Bill Nye′s thinking. Carlson did his usual asking of fact-based questions, such as what percentage of climate change is directly caused by man-made global warming? Unable to produce any data or actual percentage, Bill Nye just said ″all of it″! Forget all about volcanic activity or even termites and other creatures whom produce far more CO2 and methane each year than we humans do. If anyone needs to be locked up in a rubber room wearing a straight jacket, its Bill Nye!

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