President Donald J. Trump tweeted on Twitter yesterday that he has decided not to attend the White House Correspondents Association Dinner for 2017. Why should he go to it? Tradition be damned if it means raising money from corporations to fund journalism scholarships to Liberal colleges and universities. President Trump should hold a counter-dinner, raising money for journalism scholarships for a Conservative school, like Hillsdale College in Michigan! Or maybe for scholarships for our veterans and their children? But to add to the world of the Fake News Media would be like giving money to terrorists.

Donald Trump White House Correspondents Dinner

Harsh language you say? Oh, yes! But very true! The Fake News Media is the enemy of the American People, as well as to the institution of democracy, itself. President Donald Trump is very correct about this. There is no mistake as to why President Trump and his Chief Strategist, Steve Bannon, used the term, ″corporate news media″ at the CPAC 2017 convention this past week. The Fake News Media are tools owned by major corporations to promote their globalist agenda. An agenda which includes making the United States less powerful, less wealthy. Of course, the major corporations want to rig The System to make their profits grow larger, at the expense of the Middle Class and Small Businesses. All the while trashing our Constitution and reducing our liberties.

Yes, the Fake News Media are just shills for corporate slavers! By raising money for more journalism scholarships, the White House Correspondents Association Dinner for 2017 only wants to increase the number of slave foremen to crack their whips upon our backs. Just look at what MSNBC host Mika Brzezinski said this past week. She said ″That′s our job!″, in regard to ″controlling what people think″. Is it really YOUR JOB, Mika, to control what I and other Americans think??? I ′THINK′ NOT!!!

Funny how those in the Fake News Media ignore the works of journalism radicals like Herbert Marshal McLuhan and Noam Chomsky. Both pointed out the potential dangers of Mass Media on the public. Instead, The Media pervert the mediums they use to spew their lies and hatred. Yes, hatred! As a wise Greek once said, ″For whom the gods destroy, they first fill with hate.″ As we are seeing more and more these days, Liberals and The Media are acting more angry than ever, to the point of outright lunacy.

So do you blame President Donald Trump for skipping the White House Correspondents Dinner for 2017? Do you agree with me that he should hold a counter-dinner to raise money for more useful scholarships? Especially for our veterans and their families? Or are you still blinded from reason and think that journalism is some noble craft? That the Fake News Media needs more troops in the field to represent corporations and their globalist agenda? Or have you embraced the 21st Century and realize that, thanks to the Internet and technology, we can now all be ′Citizen Journalists′? Or better yet, access raw data ourselves and make up our own minds? Has the time come for the Trump administration to ′Drain The Swamp′ of the Fake News Media from Washington?

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