Yesterday in Atlanta, Barack Obama′s 2nd term, former Labor Secretary, Thomas Perez, was elected as the new DNC chair. He defeated a field of five other candidates after two ballots, winning with 235 votes against Keith Ellison who received 200 votes. Perez was supported by the Old Guard of the Democratic National Committee, including Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama. One of his supporters told the crowd that Perez was a friend of the ″most vulnerable in America, immigrants.″ I guess that makes them more vulnerable than unborn human infants facing being killed by abortions. Ellison, the first Muslim member of Congress, was supported by Bernie Sanders. After being an early favorite to win, Ellison′s fortunes tanked due to his close association with Louis Farrakhan of the Nation of Islam, and for making anti-Semitic statements in the past. Perez replaces Donna Brasille, the former CNN commentator who provided the Hillary Clinton campaign with an advanced copy of debate questions during the Democratic Presidential Primaries.

tom perez dnc chair

Brasille gave a rather strange farewell speech. I happened to be watching while I ate my lunch and was rather shocked at one point. She apologized for having sold her DNC-provided company car, an SUV. Donna Brasille said, ″Sorry, I needed the money.″ However, she promised to give the incoming DNC chair her DC Metropass, along with two bottles of Johnny Walker, one unopened. Now, I′m guessing that she was telling a joke. Of course, had President Trump told such a joke, the Fake News Media would have taken it seriously and railed about it for days! The New York Times and the Washington Post would have produced a dozen ′unnamed sources′ while CNN and MSNBC hosts displayed anger and dismay over grand larceny committed by a prominent public figure.

Watching the DNC 2017 Winter Meeting on CSPAN was somewhat disturbing. For starters, I can honestly say that I did not see one, single woman whom I would want to bed! There were a few babes in the hallways running concession stands. I will add that fewer than 5% of those on camera where under the age of 40. So much for the DNC being the ′Party of Youth′. Speaking of which, Perez benefited from a last minute withdrawal by South Bend Mayor Peter Buttigieg. He is a 35 year-old combat veteran who actually made some sense during the few debates held for the DNC chair candidates. During the first ballot, he still received a single vote, being one of only five candidates who got any votes. Most went to Perez and Ellison, but the lunatic broad from Idaho, Sally Boyton Brown, got 12 votes. Jehmu Greene, a paid Fox News commentator who once headed Rock The Vote, received only a half of a vote. The minor candidates all withdrew in the second ballot, leaving Perez and Ellison to fight it out.

Tom Perez, as DNC chair, has quite a job ahead of him. The Democratic National Committee was tainted during the 2016 elections for rigging the primaries and debates in favor of Hillary Clinton over Bernie Sanders. On top of the widening divisions within the Democratic Party, their overall message and strategies have cost them some 1,200 elected offices nationwide since 2010. There are already rumors flying that with Thomas Perez in as DNC chairman, Hillary Clinton may attempt yet another run for the White House in 2020. We can only hope, though it really does not matter who the Democrats come up with. They are all crazy, angry losers!

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