What a difference a year makes! President Donald J. Trump will be addressing the CPAC 2017 gathering today at about 10:20am EDT. The American Conservative Union is hosting its annual Conservative Political Action Conference once again in Maryland at the Gaylord Convention Center. Last year, Candidate Trump passed on appearing there. Rumors abound about how a hostile crowd was planning on pelting him with vegetables on stage. CPAC 2016 could have been called ′Cuck-PAC′, as most of those attending were a mix of ′Never-Trump′-ers, and supporters of either Rand Paul or Ted Cruz. But, this year, the taste of victory has changed everything!

CPAC 2017

President Trump will be the first sitting, ′First-Term′ president to address CPAC since Ronald Reagan did in 1982. So, it has been a long drought for ′Real Americans′. No wonder the excitement and enthusiasm seems to be at a record level this year at CPAC. Once again, ′WE′ are ′WINNING′!

Yesterday, Vice President Mike Pence gave the keynote speech of the night at CPAC. He ′wowed′ the crowd, receiving several standing ovations as he ramped up the energy level. VP Pence assured everyone that the Trump administration had their best interests in mind and were acting accordingly. He cited how we now have the most Conservative cabinet in ″his lifetime″ and guaranteed that the US Supreme Court picks would be popular with Conservatives. Perhaps his most important point was that with Trump, the GOP and Conservative movement finally have an actual ′LEADER′ who stands his ground and fights back!

Earlier in the day, we also heard from Kellyanne Conway, as well as from the new tag-team, dynamic duo of Reince Priebus and Steve Bannon. Appearing together on stage, Preibus and Bannon put to rest any of the ′Fake News′ accounts about chaos and strife within the Trump White House. There is little doubt that Team Trump is indeed a ″finely tuned machine″. Whatever fake news rumors being spread by The Media are coming from sour puss hold overs from previous administrations.

What will President Donald Trump say in his address to CPAC 2017 today? I′m sure it will be some variant of his usual stump speech. He′ll probably add one or two new items of recent actions. But, the key thing to my thinking is how the audience will respond. A year ago, it probably would have been kind of ugly. However, after winning back the White House and judging from the crowd reaction yesterday, CPAC 2017 will be a love-fest for President Trump. Everybody loves a winner! CPAC should be renamed ′Trump-PAC′ this year.

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