The founder of Project Veritas, James O′Keefe, has released some 100 to 200 hours of leaked audio files from inside CNN. The ′tapes′ of #CNNLeaks were mostly recorded back in 2009. While they seem to be mostly innocuous stuff, a few tidbits are interesting. Such as how CNN staffers hate Fox News because they are too American! LOL! If that ain′t a hoot! O′Keefe is also putting out a $10,000 bounty on any documents or other material which shows media bias or ′Fake News′ policies. While this supports the ongoing exposure of Liberal bias within The Media, its certainly not as amusing as the recent gaffe by MSNBC morning host, Mika Brzezinski. On Wednesday′s episode of ″Morning Joe″, Mika was complaining about how President Donald Trump′s attack on The Media is ″undermining″ them in an effort to ″control what people think″. She claimed that, ″That′s our job!″ None of the others on set, including would-be Conservative Joe Scarborough, challenged Mika.

James O'Keefe CNN

James O′Keefe stated in a video that accompanied the CNN audio leaks an appeal for help by the public to listen and review the audio files. He says that there is too much for his team at Project Veritas to go through and transcribe. Personally, from what I myself have heard from these files, I don′t believe that there is going to be much smoke, let alone fire. Yes, they do provide some insight into the inner workings of CNN′s political reporting. But, it is not like we already did not know that they are very Liberally biased and frame any story about Conservatives, Christians or Republicans in a negative fashion.

The offer of $10,000 by James O′Keefe for any hard evidence of The Media deliberately creating Fake News as a matter of editorial policy probably will not get many takers. Ten grand is not much incentive to toss away a career. A $100,000 might be enough to make some low-level flunky inside a newsroom to spill the beans. In any case, the CNN leaked audio files do show that perhaps some people inside journalism might be ashamed of how their profession has declined.

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