Fox News Channel host, Tucker Carlson, debunked the debunkers on Sweden and its refugee crime problem last night. Last week, Carlson had on as a guest documentary filmmaker Ami Horowitz, who had included an interview with two Swedish police officers in his film on refugee crime. This topic became news on Saturday when President Donald Trump mentioned it during his rally speech in Melbourne, Florida. The Media went bananas taking President Trump′s remarks out of context when he happened to say, ″last night″. So-called ′Fact Checkers′ around the world went on a rampage trying to figure out what he was talking about? Was there some act of terrorism on Friday night in Sweden? Who really knows as Sweden is practicing extreme censorship these days when it comes to immigration matters.

Sweden refugee crime

Later, President Trump and the White House clarified that he was referring to the Tucker Carlson interview with Ami Horowitz last week. Horowitz appeared again last night to answer charges, especially a fake quote which PolitiFact accredited to him. He also responded to comments made by Swedish officials that there has been no increase in crime levels. However, according to the National Swedish Council own′s statitistics, there has indeed been a sharp increase in murders and rapes, about 70% for each, over the past ten years. Muslim refugees commit crimes at a rate of at least four times higher than natural born citizens. Just in the past year, the number of criminal acts increased some 1.5 million since 2015.

Sweden was among several European nations which experienced mass rapes on New Years Eve 2015. Hundreds of women were assaulted by mostly Muslim men as people rang in 2016 at large gatherings. Just a few weeks ago, a woman was raped by two Muslim men who live-streamed the rape on Facebook. Some 60,000 people watched it before it was taken down. A new book about the problems facing Sweden from the recent influx of refugees has been banned from public libraries in Sweden. Within the past couple of weeks, the government launched a ′hate crime′ investigation on a police officer who posted his opinions and observations on Facebook. So, is it any wonder that the two policemen interviewed by Horowitz are now back-tracking?

This is what happens when you live under the tyranny of Political Correctness. Like Sweden, the German government is also suppressing its national press and social media on any negative stories about Muslim refugees. During the last couple of years of the Barack Obama administration, similar policies were in play. Even federally published manuals and reports to law enforcement and the military were censored of any negative words, phrases or facts about ′Radical Islamic Terrorism′.

Even a report by USA Today back on February 8, 2017 notes the massive problems in Sweden caused by the recent arrivals of thousands of Muslim refugees. The cost to Swedish taxpayers is enormous. Refugees are getting apartments that citizens have to wait three years or more for. The problem has gotten so out of control that citizens are taking matters into their own hands. Last night on the Viceland TV series, ″Hate Thy Neighbor″, covered the rise of vigilante groups which are now patrolling the streets to curb refugee crime. This has caused groups of violent Liberals to also take to the streets to counter these patrols. The refugee crisis in Sweden is literally unraveling the once peaceful country.

From the looks of things, America may be next! We are already seeing large groups from the Far-Left, many of whom are being paid and trained to be professional protesters. The immigration issue in the United States is one of the major focuses for the anti-Trump crowd. Even many Republicans, Big Business and Chamber of Commerce types are upset that President Trump wants to secure our borders and crackdown on illegal immigration. The Department of Homeland Security is releasing a new plan today, which includes hiring 5,000 more ICE agents and 10,000 more Customs and Border Patrol officers. The emphasis on the crackdown will be to arrest and deport illegal immigrants who are committing other crimes in America. Who can be against that? Well, the Far-Left, the Democratic Party and many others seem to oppose it.

Tucker Carlson of the Fox News Channel is proving yet again that FNC was wasting their money giving Megyn Kelly her own show. I doubt if Tucker is getting one-tenth of her salary, yet his ratings are just as good if not better! Carlson debunked those trying to debunk Ami Horowitz about his documentary film on the refugee crisis in Sweden. This became a major news item after President Donald Trump mentioned the subject during his Florida rally on Saturday. As usual, the Fake News Media continues to get it all wrong! There really has been an increase in refugee-caused crime in Sweden, no matter who tries to deny it.

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