President Donald J. Trump was 100%, absolutely correct when he tweeted on Twitter last Friday that the ″failing Fake News Media″ were the ″enemy of the American People″. The vast majority of the news media in the United States is blatantly biased and openly hostile towards anyone who does not share their Liberal-Progressive-Socialist agenda. When our Founding Fathers drafted the US Constitution, and later the Bill of Rights, any references to a ″free press″ was predicated on the principle that the ′Press′ would be honest and objective. The belief was that such a truthful institution would be a watchdog for the American People, protecting them from a tyrannical government. Instead, what we have is a dishonest press with a highly subjective and slanted biased promoting a radical agenda that is in itself a form of tyranny!

enemy of the people

Oh yes, indeed! We see time and time again how The Media viciously attacks individuals, groups and entire philosophies while practicing deceit. President Donald Trump is just the latest target of The Media and its bag of lies. From the beginning, we had so-called ′news organizations′ like The Huffington Post that arbitrarily decided to not even cover the Trump campaign as political news. For months, nearly every newspaper and TV news program featured a discourse on how Trump was not a serious candidate, or how he had ceilings of support he could never breach. Anyone who supported him was obviously a hick, a fool, or a racist.

As the tide of fortunes continued to favor Donald Trump, the level of attacks by The Media increased, with a long series of non-stop allegations, nearly all of which were proven false. Even the handful which had some basis of truth paled in comparison to similar issues with other candidates, whom The Media bent over backwards to ignore or cover up. Indeed, as we learned from the leaked emails of John Podesta and from DNC officials, The Media often worked hand-in-hand with the Hillary Clinton campaign, giving them license to lie and cheat.

I was rather amused to see that during an interview with Erin Burnett on CNN, Sen. Bernie Sanders suddenly disappeared from the screen when he mentioned about CNN being part of the ′Fake News′ wave. Technical difficulties? Satellite feed lost? Perhaps a solar flare from Al Gore′s pearly white teeth disrupted the signal? Keep in mind it was a CNN-paid commentator, Donna Brazile, who gave the Hillary Clinton campaign an advance copy of questions which would be asked at a debate against Sanders. One thing you can say about Bernie is that he, too, knows about how the Fake News Media hacked the 2016 elections.

Forget about the Russians! So far, every intelligence service we have has confirmed that Russia did not hack our election system. At most, they might have created Fake News to confuse people, which, according to every poll, did not work. However, I, today, accuse our own American news media of trying to hack the elections as they, too, created and spread Fake News! This is why I say that President Donald J. Trump is 100%, absolutely correct in stating that the ′Fake News Media′ is an ″enemy of the American People″.

Where are the FBI probes looking into how our news media hacked the elections? Sure, they did not try to alter the vote count, but they certainly spread false news stories to manipulate voters. Which is precisely what many are accusing the Russians of. When a foreign government tries to interfere in an election, some may say it is an act of war. I say that when a domestic cabal tries to do the same thing, it is an act of treason!

Yes, treason! The First Amendment does protect free speech, even hate speech. But, even the US Supreme Court has ruled that once you cross the line to promote acts of ″imminent violence″, the First Amendment no longer applies. The Fake News being spewed by The Media has been doing just that. Take the shooting of Michael Brown in Ferguson, Missouri. The initial reports from The Media were totally false and the result was nearly a week of violent rioting. Fake News about President Trump, from his campaign through today, has caused rioting and other acts of violent attacks. By and large, The Media has played a significant role in dividing the country, often resulting in both property damage and physical assaults.

Okay, so I may be too harsh in my personal opinion and assessment. Even the courts draw a line when it comes to libel laws. Freedom of Speech is not a license to lie. Now, there are lies and there are untruths. The laws are a bit more squishy when it comes to public figures. But, even some very famous people have been able to successfully sue those who slander them.

Of course, we also have ′alternative facts′, as in facts not widely promoted by the majority. I happen to be watching the movie ″Ghandi″ yesterday and was amused during the scene where he was talking to the reporter played by Martin Sheen and said, ″Even a majority of one can still have the truth on his side.″ Much was made this weekend after President Trump spoke at his reelection campaign rally in Melbourne, Florida. At one point, President Trump mentioned about some event in Sweden ″last night″ that had to do with Muslim refugees. All day Sunday, Fake News agencies played up on this. Of course, he was mistaken that it was ″last night″, but there has been plenty of heinous attacks committed by refugees in Sweden.

You have to understand ′Trump-Speak′. For example, early in his campaign, Trump was endorsed by the agents of the Customs and Border Patrol, CBP, which was the first time they ever endorsed a presidential candidate. In practically every campaign speech he made for the next year, Trump always would say that they endorsed him ″last week″ or ″two weeks ago″. You see, Donald Trump does not view time as some measurable length, but as a chain of moments, events and actions. Those who think like bureaucrats, they will draft a law or regulation that will go into effect at midnight on some specific date. But Trump comes from the business world. He doesn′t view time the same way, like, ″At 3pm tomorrow I′m going to sell 5000 Trump Widgets to so-and-so.″ No, he′s going to sell them when he can, wherever and to whoever he can.

So, for The Media to spend any time on this Sweden thing is just ridiculous. Its Fake News! Beyond that, it is a story that nobody really cares about. The American People certainly don′t. They are too busy wondering what they will have for dinner and will Little Johnny or Jane get a scholarship for college. They are trying to make the ends of their household budget meet while lying, bozo politicians, like John McCain and Barack Obama, put the country in $20 Trillion dollars of debt!

In conclusion, there is no doubt in my mind that the failing, dishonest, Fake News Media truly is an ″enemy of the American People″. I don′t care if Jake Tapper, Shepard Smith, Chuck Todd, or the entire, National Press Corps has their collective noses out of joint from all of the lies they tell. President Donald Trump was right for calling The Media out for their lying. The Media are not doing a useful service to the American People any longer. On the contrary, the way journalism is currently being practiced is practically an act of high treason! A dishonest, subjective and biased press is a danger to democracy and to liberty as well. John McCain was wrong when he implied that President Trump is becoming like a dictator. Dictators are created when a ′free press′ becomes a propaganda machine, supporting tyranny. Much like what we saw over the past 8 years under Obama.

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