The Associated Press published a ′Fake News′ story yesterday, claiming that President Donald Trump has a plan to use 100,000 National Guard to round up illegal immigrants. The problem is that the whole story is wrong! The memo was just a draft and nowhere in its 11 pages does it ever mention deploying 100,000 National Guardsmen. The memo itself seems to have been originated from within the Department of Homeland Security. The White House, DHS, as well as the Defense Department, all deny that there is any plan to use 100,000 Guardsmen to round up illegal immigrants. However, after the AP tweeted about it on Twitter, and then published a full story, the rest of The Media picked up on it. Even Chuck Schumer and other Democrats repeated this piece of fake news.

Trump national guard

Now, it should be noted that Barack Obama once authorized some 1,200 National Guard troops to assist in an illegal immigrant round up. However, those 1,200 only supported ICE and other law enforcement units with logistical assistance. In Section D of the draft of the ′memo′, the details seem to point in the same direction, where state governors may order some of their troops to likewise provide logistical support. The Associated Press came up with the 100,000 number completely on their own, basing it on the number of National Guard troops available in the seven states hinted at in the ′memo′. By the way, none of the states were actually named in the ′memo′. Only that they would come from the four states that share the border with Mexico, as well as three adjoining states.

This is why we have to regard this AP story as Fake News. For starters, we do not yet know if the ′memo′ is even authentic! As it is allegedly just a draft, we do not actually know who drafted it, nor why? Add to that how the Associated Press just came up with this number of 100,000 troops and what their mission would be is pure fabrication. There is not a single word, phrase, nor sentence that specifies any numbers, nor what role such troops would play in such an operation.

We can also add another dimension to this piece of Fake News, that if indeed the draft of the memo is authentic, or at least just actually drafted by somebody in the government, how was it leaked and who leaked it? There is already a ′conspiracy theory′ out that perhaps the memo was a total fake, deliberately used to flush out any leakers. Much as the US Navy used a fake radio message about the water distilling system being broken on Midway Island to determine if the Japanese had named Midway ′AF′ in their code back in WW2. Frankly, I would be impressed if that was the true purpose behind the memo, to use it as part of a mole hunt.

The Associated Press proved that it is part of the biased, Fake News industry. The AP story about a memo on President Donald Trump and National Guard troops to round up illegal immigrants is loaded with outright lies. The White House, Department of Homeland Security and the Department of Defense all deny that there is any such plan. The memo, at worst, is just a draft and never mentions any numbers of troops to be mobilized nor how they are to be used. That the AP pushed this story, adding the number of 100,000 troops to it on their own just goes to prove how hysterical they are when it comes to the Trump administration. The vast majority of this draft of a memo deals with rather cut-and-dry material, all of which is mundane, bureaucratic gibberish. The story the Associated Press published is pure fantasy.

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