President Donald J. Trump held a press conference yesterday to announce his replacement for Labor Secretary, Alexander Acosta, now that Andrew Puzder has withdrawn from consideration. Puzder had some issues with once having employed an undocumented house maid. He also had many critics, including some within the GOP and even the Tea Party. Acosta is a professor and Dean of Law at Florida International University, who once served on the National Labor Relations Board, NLRB, among other positions in government. During most of the lengthy press conference, President Trump criticized The Media during the news conference over the recent leaks and for spreading Fake News. At one point, he renamed CNN as ″very Fake News″.

Donald Trump Press Conference

Reaction from The Media is what you would expect. Some on networks like CNN and MSNBC called the press conference ″chaotic″, a word frequently being used by The Media to describe the Trump administration. Even President Trump raised the subject, defending himself and his staff. He proudly stated that there was no chaos in his White House and to the contrary, his staff is performing like a well-oiled machine.

President Trump used the example of his temporary travel pause roll out. Most reports by The Media claimed that the roll out was chaotic. Some even claimed that many agencies, such as Homeland Security, were caught off guard and had no prior knowledge of the executive order. However, this was Fake News! During a press conference led by Secretary John Kelly, DHS was in-the-loop on the executive order all along. Agencies like Customs Border Patrol, CBP, knew in advance of the roll out. What chaos there was at airports was more to due with an airline computer system crash and hordes of paid protesters demonstrating against the travel pause.

Most of The Media, including websites like Google, are blatantly anti-Trump. Just yesterday on the Google News page, they listed an article critical of Trump from Gizmodo that even included foul language in the title. If you look there today, every single article listed is anti-Trump. The only polls ever mentioned by The Media are those which show President Trump with low numbers. They avoid polls, like Rasmussen, which show Trump′s job approval at 55%. Or another poll from Emerson College which shows more people trusting and believing President Trump than The Media.

President Donald Trump raised this very point during the news press conference yesterday. He scolded The Media for their dishonesty and for their spreading of Fake News which is eroding trust among the American people. Trump told them that they would be doing themselves, and Democracy in general, a favor by being more honest. Oh, how true that is! As for dealing with all of the leaks, President Trump has authorized an investigation. He feels that the most likely source are those remaining Obama appointees whom have yet to be replaced. A major reason being due to the Senate Democrats holding up his cabinet nominees.

All in all, it was a good press conference for President Donald Trump, who said at one point that he is enjoying himself. He told The Media that he does not expect them to be nice all the time towards him, but he does want them to be fair and honest. President Trump in particular not only called out CNN for being ″very Fake News″, but also for their hostile tone. CNN, and MSNBC, too, have become a total disgrace to journalism. Along with the ″failing′ New York Times, Washington Post and Time Magazine. I forget who it was on one of the Fox News panels last night, but the point was made that since the mid-1970s, Donald Trump has probably given more interviews and access to the press than any other American alive today. He is no stranger to critics. All he wants is for them to be fair and honest. Amen to that!

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