Talk about the pot calling the kettle black! White House advisor, Kellyanne Conway, is being banned by Morning Joe on MSNBC. Mika Brzezinski and Joe Scarborough seem to think that Conway is a liar. Now that is funny! These two TV fools are among the biggest liars on cable news! The latest outrage apparently was comments by Kelly Anne Conway back on Monday when she said that Gen. Michael T. Flynn had the full support and confidence of President Donald J. Trump. Before the day had ended, Gen. Flynn resigned his position as National Security Advisor for possibly misleading Vice President Mike Pence last December. Last Thursday, the Washington Post cited that some ′9 sources′ had leaked to them that Flynn had spoken with a Russia envoy and may have discussed lifting sanctions placed earlier that very day by Barack Obama.

Kellyanne Conway

Since Monday night, President Trump and others in his White House, including Kellyanne Conway, have raised the alarm that somebody inside the government is leaking classified material. A criminal act, if your name is not Hillary Rodham Clinton. The Democrats and their allies in the government and in The Media are screaming for scalps as they continue to push the Fake News story about Russia hacking our election. There is no evidence that Russia did hack our election. What little evidence there may be about Russia manufacturing some Fake News to confuse voters is by far exceeded by the facts that nearly all of these ′stories′ came from a few Alt Right websites, like

Our so-called ′Intelligence Community′ initially picked up some of these ′stories′ possibly from Russian sources. But they were all trolled by the Alt Right ′Meme-Lords′. We saw an example of how easy it is to get trolled on Tuesday, when a fake Twitter account thought to be General Flynn tweeted a tweet about how he was a ″scapegoat″. Nancy Pelosi and a gaggle of idiot Democratic Congress members held a press conference about it, with Nancy giving a kindergarten-level definition of scapegoat. However, ′The Truth′ eventually emerged and the Twitter account was identified as not belong to Flynn.

When people want to believe a certain thing, they will immediately accept whatever lie or Fake News they come across which validates their position. For the record, there is still no verifiable evidence that Gen. Flynn did indeed discuss lifting sanctions with a Russian envoy last December. However, the fact that the story was leaked does show two things. First, somebody somewhere inside our government was monitoring Flynn′s phone calls, possibly illegally. Secondly, somebody somewhere inside our government leaked the story to The Media, even if it was not true. Much like the leaking of a ′dossier′ which contained nothing but Fake News about Trump having some weird fun in Moscow.

Yes, there is a pattern building here, taking shape that is very alarming. A person or persons within the federal government, possibly either inside the Intelligence Community, the State Department or Justice Department, is behind the leaking. Even if what they are leaking is Fake News, if it came through our intelligence gathering system, its classified material. That makes it a criminal, felony offense to leak it.

One could easily point a finger towards Barack Obama. That whoever is behind the leaks are doing so on his behalf. There is already mounting evidence that his group, Obama For America, has been involved in many of the anti-Trump protests which we have seen these past few weeks. Such as outbursts at Republican townhalls over Obamacare or protests over the temporary travel pause. Others point a finger at the few Hillary supporters who may be lingering around in the State Department.

As for Kellyanne Conway being banned by Morning Joe, that is just blatant hypocrisy! The Morning Joe crew are among the biggest liars on television. I′ve been watching politics for about half a century, and whenever some political staffer is said to have the ′full support and confidence′ of his or her boss, that is the ′Kiss of Death′! Its called being polite. We even saws President Donald Trump do it many times back when he hosted on ″Celebrity Apprentice″, telling somebody, ″I admire your hard work and tenacity, but…, You′re Fired!″ The Leakers and The Media ran Gen. Michael T. Flynn out on a rail of lies. They got his scalp and now want to get Kelly Anne Conway′s scalp. Especially since she is so effective at outmaneuvering The Media when on a show as a guest. She is too smart to fall for their trickery.

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