Michael Flynn resigns as the National Security Advisor to President Donald J. Trump. The retired US Army Lt. General became embroiled in a minor error in protocol after a telephone conversation with a Russian ambassador. Gen. Flynn had previously told Vice President Mike Pence that the subject of reducing sanctions on Russia had not been discussed. However, it turns out that it was a lie. Flynn apologized to both Pence and President Trump and they accepted his apology. But the die was cast and at around 11pm EDT yesterday, Flynn formally submitted his resignation.

Michael Flynn resigns

So what exactly did Flynn do and why was it so bad? That is hard to say. Fox News Channel contributor, Charles Krauthammer, characterized the situation as a crimeless-cover-up. Flynn did not break any actual laws. However, he lied to his bosses, which is never a good thing. Some argue that Flynn set himself up to where he could be blackmailed by the Russians. I seriously doubt if this would have caused Flynn to betray any secrets or submit to blackmail.

There is no doubt now that Gen. Flynn screwed up. But, naturally, The Media and Democrats on Capitol Hill are making sounds like stuck pigs! Boo-hoo-hoo! This plays right into their dishonest reporting about how there is so much chaos within the Trump administration. Actually, it seems pretty cut and dry. If anything, the whole affair shows that the Trump White House moves quickly when there is a problem to be dealt with.

The real issue here is why the FBI was monitoring Flynn′s phone call? Plus, how did the content of that phone call get leaked to The Media? A likely suspect could be former Acting-Attorney General Sally Yates. She apparently informed the White House last month that Flynn was vulnerable to blackmail by the Russians. Yates had knowledge of the phone call and of its content. She was recently dismissed after refusing to contest a temporary restraining order on the temporary travel pause. So did she leak the story to The Media in a case of sour grapes?

Who knows? Some GOP lawmakers are calling for an investigation into who is leaking content of phone calls by the Trump administration with foreign governments? Details of at least two other phone calls have been leaked. Some experts are pointing fingers at the State Department, possibly leftover appointees from the Obama administration. But, perhaps the source of the leaks is actually the Department of Justice? President Trump′s choice to head the DOJ, Attorney General Jeff Sessions, was confirmed by the US Senate after the leaks.

Even without the issue of the phone call, many in the Liberal Media and political world have wanted Lt. Gen. Michael Flynn to resign. From the beginning when he first joined the Trump campaign as a national security expert, he was criticized for his close ties to the Russian government, including President Vladimir Putin. Flynn left the military service after clashing with the Obama administration while serving as Director of the Defense Intelligence Agency. Flynn′s views on the size and threat level of the Islamic State ran contrary to those of the Obama White House. While Obama consistently tired to downplay ISIS, or ISIL, as a serious threat to the world, Gen. Flynn believed otherwise.

President Donald Trump did the right thing in waiting and allow Michael Flynn to resign last night. When the story of the leak broke, President Trump was entertaining Japanese Prime Minister Abe, followed by a visit from Canadian Prime Minister Trudeau. He might have even liked to have waited until after tomorrow′s visit with Israeli Prime Minister Netanyahu. But the situation was becoming an issue after Flynn admitted that he did lie directly to Vice President Mike Pence back in December. Even then, it may have simply been a case of forgetting a small portion of a long phone call which covered many subjects. The real issue of who is leaking information to undermine the Trump administration needs be to resolved. That is the real threat to national security and the leak must be plugged immediately.

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