The amount of ′Fake News′ coming from The Media is astounding! Take this weekend′s hysteria about ICE deportation raids. If you watched ABCCBSNBCCNNMSNBC, or read the NY Times or Washington Post, you would think that an army of ICE agents swept through and rounded up whole Hispanic communities. But it is all a bunch of hooey! So-called ′legitimate journalists′ are as phony, if not worse, than those silly TV shows about people hunting and searching for Bigfoot. It is a total disgrace! No wonder a new poll from Emerson College shows only 39% believe The Media. Even President Donald Trump beats them with 49%.

ice deportation

Yes, ICE did make raids and arrested about 600 illegal immigrants. Most, of whom, are wanted for additional crimes beyond just entering our country illegally. Many of those arrested have committed rapes, murders, or are involved in the illicit drug business. Statistically, the weekend was actually rather mild, well below average for ICE arrests. Way back during the Bill Clinton era, ICE deportation arrests averaged about 2,000 per week. Under George W. Bush, the average was around 5,000 and under Obama, about 8,000. So, where was all of The Media hysteria back then? Why is only now the ACLU forming ′action teams′ to assist those arrested?

The obvious answer is that the dishonest News Media will make up any story, tell any lie, stretch any truth, if it is about President Donald Trump. Just look at the reaction to the whole Nordstrom dropping the Ivanka Trump line of fashion products. If you watched The Media, you would think that this was the first time somebody from a presidential family tried to make a buck. How soon they forget about ′Billy Beer′ and Eleanor Roosevelt′s line of hotdogs. Before marrying George Washington, Martha was the richest widow in the American Colonies, with a plantation which produced a wide range of crops and products, including hemp ropes and whiskey.

So, I have say that I find these nutty Bigfoot shows on TV more believable than the News Media broadcasts. At least the Sasquatch hunters are amusing to watch. These dopes running around in forests at night wearing ′Go-Pro′ night-vision, head gear is pretty funny. Programs like ″Killing Bigfoot″ and ″Alaska Monsters″ on the Destination Channel feature idiots armed with shotguns and rifles to kill a Sasquatch to have physical proof. On Animal Planet, ″Hunting Bigfoot″ features jokers who just go out with D-List celebrities like Bobcat Goldwaith to scream and trick a Sasquatch into screaming back. The only ′evidence′ they come up with is some faint sound, probably from an owl, or a thermal image of a deer or bear.

I just shake my head at the amount of Fake News we are getting from The Media. Chris Coumo from CNN thinks that to accuse The Media of making Fake News is equal to using the ′N-word′. Oh really??? I beg to disagree! The Media should be shamed for their hysteria over President Donald Trump. They, like their allies in the Democratic Party, are completely out of touch with reality. They are as delusional as the Bigfoot hunters! I would sooner believe a Sasquatch than Scott Pelley from CBS News. The ICE deportation raids being conducted are nothing new. They are even at a lower rate than normal! Its not a ′real′ news story.

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