The old, take-no-crap, Rick Grimes is back as ′The Walking Dead′ resumes Season 7. Last night on AMC-TV, the popular zombie series returned in an action-packed episode. Rick and his group from Alexandria had reunited with several comrades in the last episode of the first-half of Season 7. They visited the Hilltop Community, where Maggie, Sasha, Enid and Daryl were. Together, with the local hero, Jesus, they confronted the so-called leader of the Hilltop to join forces against The Saviors. But Gregory, a total wimp, wimped out!

Rick Grimes

But hold on! Enid chatted up with some of the Hilltop residents and many are ready to join and train for war. Jesus then led the group to visit The Kingdom and seek an alliance with King Ezekiel. To which Rick responded, ″King?″, with his head cocked in classic Rick Grimes style. Even Rick′s disbelief was reversed when he does meet King Ezekiel and his pet tiger, Shiva. The group also reunites, sort of, with another old friend, Morgan. From Morgan, they learn that Carol had been wounded by a Savior, and left The Kingdom after she recovered. However, Morgan did not tell the truth, since he knows exactly where she is.

King Ezekiel is a scream! He lays it on thick in true, Shakespearean style, with his ″art thous″ and other kingly talk. This causes Rick to play along and argue his point with an old parable his mother once told him about a little girl who lost her family′s fortune because of a rock in the road. She was taking their yearly production of beer to market when her cart was damaged by the rock, causing the beer kegs to burst and empty into the soil. The little girl cried until she decided that she would dig the rock out of the road and stop it from injuring other horses and carts. With her bloody hands, she removes the rock from the road, and discovers that a king had placed a treasure of gold beneath the rock to reward the thoughtful peasant.

Unfortunately, even that was not enough to convince King Ezekiel to join forces in the upcoming war against The Saviors. However, he did offer sanctuary for Daryl, whom The Saviors will be hunting for. Rick, Jesus and the rest of the group depart, leaving Daryl and Morgan behind at The Kingdom. On the way back, they encounter a roadblock set up by The Saviors to prevent herds of ′Walkers′ from reaching them. One side of the highway is blocked with many parked cars. The other side has one car with a steel cable stretched out to a car on the other side. Attached to the cable are explosives, rigged to blow up a herd of Walkers.

Lacking firearms, Rick and his group decide to strip the explosives to use against The Saviors. While they work, they hear the angry rants of Negan over a radio Jesus had taken from a Savior, ′Fat Joe′, whom Daryl had killed in his escape. Negan explains to his troops that with the death of ′Fat Joe′, ′Little Joe′ is now to be known as just ′Joe′. Negan is also quite upset and wants a search party to hunt down Daryl at once. Meanwhile, Rick and his group have another problem. A big herd of Walkers are headed their way!

While most go off to put the blocking cars back where they belong to cover their tracks, Rick and Michone execute the great ′Slice Capades′, driving the two cars linked by the steel cable into the herd of Walkers. The FX and CGI teams outdid themselves for this scene of mass carnage! It was spectacular! They plowed right through the front of the herd, then made their way on foot to rejoin the others. The herd then walked into what was left of the explosives and were blown up in a fiery, pyrotechnic display! Time was of the essence since they knew the first place The Saviors would go to look for Daryl was Alexandria.

Upon arrival, they had little time to wonder why Father Gabriel had slipped away in the night with most of their food supply? A large force of Saviors showed up to search Alexandria. With Daryl nowhere to be found, The Saviors departed, warning Rick that Daryl is a dead man when they find him. After that, Rick starts looking through Gabriel′s house, finding his Bible and a notebook left behind. A possible clue as to where Gabriel went is a page with the word ″BOAT″. Did he go to where Rick and Aaron found a house boat loaded with supplies?

Rick leads a group to search and they discover footprints along the muddy shore. They lead to a collection of buildings which they start to explore. However, the search is leads them into what could be a trap. They quickly find themselves surrounded by a large group of well-armed, human survivors. You would think that Rick would be pretty upset about it, but, instead, the episode ends with him busting out a great, big smile! Who are these survivors and why is Rick smiling? Tune in next week to ″The Walking Dead″ to find out!

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