Calling all ′Deplorables′! Yesterday′s ruling by a three-judge panel from the 9th Circuit US Court of Appeals against lifting the temporary restraining order on the temporary travel pause shows just how fouled up our system is. In one respect, I see this as yet another victory by President Donald J. Trump. Since declaring himself as a candidate back in June, 2015, President Trump has forced many of the cockroaches of our political system to expose themselves. Whether its crazy Democrats, wimpy Republicans, Media liars or idiotic judges, President Trump has caused them all to exit the shadows and show themselves for being so anti-American.

9th Circuit Court

Many speculate that the next move by the White House will be to fight the 9th Circuit Court rulings in the courts. Some believe that President Donald Trump may even rescind his first executive order on the travel pause and issue a newer version which will be worded differently to confound opponents. In either case, the damage has been done. Within the first 48 hours of Judge Robart′s restraining order, some 200 Syrian ′refugees′ rushed into our country. Even Syrian President Bashir al Assad says that some of them were probably terrorists.

Should any of these, or others from the 7 nations mentioned in the original executive order commit an act of terrorism, the blood of American victims will be on the hands of the four 9th Circuit Court judges. They apparently think they know more about national security than the entire apparatus of the United States Government. The 7 nations listed had been tagged by the State Department, the Defense Department, Homeland Security, the Intelligence Community, both wings of Congress and the Obama administration back in 2015 and 2016. While all of these departments, agencies and others knew that immigrants and refugees from these particular 7 countries could not be truly vetted, the four idiot judges of the 9th Circuit Court think otherwise.

Given the Judge Robart only heard 15 minutes of oral arguments, and the 3-judge panel only heard 1-hour, you have to wonder how they came to such a different conclusion? The only answer that makes any sense is that they are stupid! Let′s face facts, the 9th Circuit US Court of Appeals is THE worst, with around 80% or more of their decisions routinely overturned. Not a very good batting average!

So, ′Deplorables′, how do we remedy this level of judicial incompetence? Well, friends, there is only one way, we′ve got to get rid of them! Fortunately, a golden opportunity lies ahead in 2018 to do just that. About two dozen Democratic Party senators are up for reelection. Ten from states which President Trump won, in some cases by double-digits. The goal, therefore, in 2018, must be to increase the number of Republican Senators to 67 or more, and increase of 15. That is a lot, but if we can get 10 or 12, it might be enough to force the remaining Senate Democrats that the world truly has changed.

We are going to have to start aggressively impeaching federal judges who act foolishly, making court decisions which put Americans in peril. Not just in the 9th Circuit, but everywhere. A recent poll from Politico shows that some 55% of Americans support the temporary travel pause. Over in Europe, which has a real hornet′s nest of troubles, a new, massive survey from Chatham House, the Royal Institute of International Affairs, shows that 55% of some 10,000 people in 10 European nations believe the time has come to suspend immigration from nations ripe with radical, Islamic terrorism. Seems they are ready for some form of a travel ban.

Yes, ′Deplorables′ the time has come to rid America of activist judges. The 9th Circuit Court of Appeals has shown us that they are one screwed up bench. They need to be impeached in a wholesale fashion, and that means securing two-thirds of the US Senate with like-minded senators ready to make war on the courts. Article III of the U.S. Constitution layouts the groundwork for this. The judges need not necessarily have committed ″high crimes and misdemeanors″, either. Judicial appointments are also conditioned by ″good behavior″. I would argue that having your rulings overturned 80% of the time shows some very bad behavior on the bench when it comes to interpreting ′The Law′. Let′s get the ball rolling to win big in the 2018 mid-terms. It is obvious that we need a super-majority in the US Senate to ′Make America Great Again′!

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