Senator Jeff Sessions (R-AL) has been confirmed as the new Attorney General and head of the Department of Justice. A 52 to 47 vote was held last night in the US Senate, approving his confirmation. One Democratic Party senator, Joe Mansion (D-VW), voted along with Republicans. If this were still the Obama Era, we could say that the vote was ′bipartisan′. So, after all of the delays, accusations, turmoil and even street violence orchestrated by Liberals and their allies, President Donald J. Trump has prevailed, once again!

Jeff Sessions confirmed

Now, the real task begins for Attorney General Sessions, to ′Drain the Swamp′ left in the Justice Department after 8 years of Barack Obama. That means tossing out all of the idiot appointees still remaining from the Obama administration and replace them with federal prosecutors and investigators who will actually enforce the laws of the land. AG Sessions is perfectly suited for exactly this mission. I′m sure he has a list already drawn up of where to start.

The days of the Justice Department being an arm for the ACLU and the Southern Poverty Law Center are over! Those radical Lefties are on their own again, no longer able to hide in the shadows of the federal government. People who fund, support and organize riots and violent protests will also have to watch out, now. The FBI may be paying them a visit if they continue causing trouble.

There was never any doubt that Jeff Sessions would be confirmed as Attorney General. Having been a US Senator, he had plenty of friends. Even many Democrats who voted against him were cordial enough to congratulate him after he gave his farewell speech last night on the floor of the Senate. Now, if they just acted that way the rest of the time, we might actually get some things done in Washington. Schumer′s strategy of delaying every cabinet appointment is showing signs of backfiring. Which just goes to show that the Democratic Party has still not figured out why President Donald Trump got elected. The People want things done!

Historically, the Senate is the slow motion side of the Capitol. Our Founding Fathers designed it that way. The House of Representatives can act quickly, passing bills in short order. But the Senate moves at a snail′s pace. Keep in mind that back when our Founding Fathers were around, the US government was considerably smaller and had less to do. Congress was only in session 8 or 9 months out of the year, if that!

Typically, the Senate would rubberstamp an incoming President′s cabinet choices, conserving their time and energy for deliberating over actual bills and treaties, etc. They would give the President the benefit of the doubt and confirm cabinet officers quickly. President Trump has selected what is probably the smartest, most talented group of cabinet officials in US history. Many were drawn from public service, with a record to validate their confirmation. Despite the rhetoric, Jeff Sessions is clearly among those qualified, experienced leaders. But, the Democratic Party has gone so far left on the political spectrum that they have lost any rational perspective.

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