The caption on this video was that Obama was being harassed by an eBay heckler who wanted a picture with the Senator. I don’t know if the man was intending to sell the photo on eBay or not, but the lack of eye contact and the refusal of Obama to acknowlege the guy in many of the frames left me wondering how he got so far in politics. One picture at the beginning of this whole episode would have avoided the whole thing.

You be the judge

And what difference is it to Obama if the guy sells on eBay?

[One note: Obama was complaining that the man interrupted his greeting of a child. This is a legitimate complaint, as I had it happen with my own daughter and President Bush. A rather large and politically-connected man pushed her aside, and stepped in front of her just as she was going to shake the president’s hand at an event. She never got the chance again. It would have been a lifetime event for her. He probably had met the prez before.]

If you were Obama’s advisor, what advice would you give for how this should have been handled?