The liars in the Fake News Media are making a play to split President Donald J. Trump from his Chief White House Strategist, Stephen K. Bannon. From Time Magazine to ″Saturday Night Live″, ′The Media′ is pushing the false narrative that Steve Bannon is a ′Shadow President′, a ′Puppetmaster′, pulling the strings on President Trump. Now, the Media Liars, like those at ″The Hill″ and MSNBC′s own Joe Scarborough, are attempting to point the finger of blame for leaked stories about alleged chaos within the White House to Bannon. A number of Fake News articles have been recently published, inaccurately detailing phone conversations between President Trump and foreign leaders, as well as the roll-outs of several executive orders, including the temporary travel pause. The Trump administration believes that these leaks are coming from hold-overs from the Obama administration, especially some from within the State Department. So who is correct?

Steve Bannon

The idea that President Trump is being manipulated by anybody is pretty ridiculous! It is just not in his DNA. He may be influenced by his wife and family to a degree, but, beyond that, President Donald Trump has always been a scrappy, self-made man. This includes his political ideology. While some people, such as Dr. Michael savage, host of the radio show, ″The Savage Nation″, have claimed that they have influenced President Trump politically, the TRUTH is that much of what President Trump says now, and during the campaign, is identical to statements he has been making over the past 30 to 40 years.

Especially when it comes to economics, trade and the dysfunctional stupidity inside the Washington Beltway, President Trump has been beating the same drum since the 1970s. Our trade deals are bad, our tax laws are bad, we have too many regulations, our foreign policy is a joke, etc., these are all positions which President Donald Trump has had for decades. Savage, Bannon, and others may have helped him define his positions more thoroughly as part of a larger ideology, Nationalism or Populism, but the message is still ′Classic Trump′. Perhaps minus the ′stream of consciousness′ aspects, but President Trump still owns it.

This is not to belittle the role of Stephen K. Bannon. He is an important part of the Trump administration, which is exactly why The Media is going after him. Their attacks on President Trump, himself, have all failed. Primarily, because, since he is not a politician, President Trump did not care if he got elected. Sure, he wanted to win, because that is in his DNA, but he didn′t HAVE to win! Frankly, I don′t think he even cares if he gets reelected. For starters, President Trump will most accomplish his agenda within 4 years, if not less than 2 years. While other politicians would need 8, 12, or even 16 years to achieve their goals, the ′Trump Train′ is moving like greased lightning down the track!

So Steve Bannon is now the new target of The Media. They do not like him for many reasons. Breitbart News tells the truth and covers stories the so-called, ′legitimate journalists′ ignore or lie about. In his recent interview with the New York Times, Bannon called The Media out for their many sins. This REALLY annoyed them! On top of that, Bannon has a plan, a long-term plan, to reshape America′s political landscape. Back in the day, he and Andrew Breitbart would have long phone chats well into the night, plotting out how to put Liberalism in check for the next 50 years. In ′Candidate′ Trump, Bannon saw a leader who believed as he did and had the cajones to win.

There is little doubt in my mind that the leaks are coming from Obama hold-overs, as well as from career bureaucrats within the US Government. It makes absolutely no sense why Bannon would leak stories harmful to the Trump administration to The Media. No, any stories being run by The Media which point the finger of suspicion towards Steve Bannon are just pure, Fake News. The design of which is to further the other Fake News stories about chaos within the White House. Sure, things would be much better if the Senate Democrats would quit the political games and start approving cabinet members. But even with that issue, Team Trump is doing quite a bit and moving forward at break-neck speed. Even the GOP members of the House and Senate cannot keep up with the swiftness and agility of the Trump administration.

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