Quarterback Tom Brady and the New England Patriots beat both Las Vegas and the Atlanta Falcons last night in Super Bowl LI. That′s Super Bowl 51 for you non-Romans. All of the odds makers in Las Vegas and London betting parlors were predicting Atlanta to win by at least 6-8 points, all except one. President Donald J. Trump predicted the ′Pats′ would win by 8. He was close as they won 34 to 28. The game had many firsts. It was the first Super Bowl to go into overtime. Tom Brady surpassed Terry Bradshaw and Joe Montana, each with four Super Bowl wins, to become the first to win 5 championship games. Likewise, Coach Bill Belichick also became the first NFL coach to win 5 championships. The game had a wild finish as the Patriots staged a 31-point comeback after being down 28 to 3 with less than 3 minutes left in the 3rd Quarter.

Super Bowl LI

Needless to say, I did not watch much of the game. I did catch the Bill O′Reilly interview with President Trump during the pregame show. Later in the evening, I switched over to Fox Broadcasting while watching ″Victoria″ on PBS ″Masterpiece Theater″, which stars former ″Doctor Who″ hottie, Jenna Coleman. This was just after 9:30pm EDT. I saw that the score was 28 to 3 with about 8 minutes left in the 3rd Quarter. So, I figured this game is toast!

Once ″Victoria″ was finished, which, by the way, was the marriage episode between Prince Albert and Queen Victoria, I switched back again to the game to see what was happening. The timing was perfect! The Patriots had the ball deep in their end. Brady was throwing from the end zone! They quickly marched up the field, leading to the amazing catch by Julian Edelmen during a crazy scrum with three Atlanta players. They scored a touchdown after that with just 1:57 left in the game, making the score 28 to 20. WOW!

I switched back over to PBS to see that last night′s episode of ″The Six Wives of Henry VIII″ was featuring Anne Cleeves, not exactly much of a wife, though she was one who wound up outliving Henry and the rest of his wives. After about six months of marriage, she managed a nice divorce getting some estates and loads of cash! So, I popped back over to ′The Game′.

I caught the Patriot defense stopping Atlanta cold and Tom Brady lead another advance towards the goal line. Sure enough, the Patriots scored and then converted for the two-pointer! Unbelievable!!! With just 3 seconds left on the clock, the score was tied 28-All and we were going into overtime! The Pats won the coin toss and choose to receive. There was no stopping them. Atlanta choked and New England scored a touchdown, winning the Vince Lombardi Award. WOW!!!

There is no point in talking about politics today. Super Bowl LI, 51, is the only real story. The New England Patriots staged a miracle comeback over the Atlanta Falcons. I′m sure some may give credit to the ′Trump Effect′, wherein the odds makers were beaten soundly. There had been some action on social media during half-time blaming the ′Trump Curse′ for the Patriots being so far behind. Of course, we also have the angle that both Tom Brady and Patriot owner Robert Kraft being friends and supporters of President Donald Trump. Both men took some heat over their support. I would like to think that God intervened, just to rub the noses of the anti-Trump folks for their lack of faith and reason. But, when it comes to sports, and life in general, winners know how to win! Even when the odds are stacked against them. So kudos to Tom Brady, Bill Belichick and the rest of the New England Patriot team. They proved that they are the superior players. I wonder if Matt Ryan is under a suicide watch now?

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