When Judge James Robart ordered a stay on the temporary travel pause Friday night, his main reason seems to be that non-US citizens have superior rights in America to those of actual US citizens. Beyond that, his court order makes no other sense. He claims that the case brought to him by the states of Wisconsin and Minnesota are based on them being harmed in some way by the refugee visa pause. However, no examples of how they will be harmed were given. Judge Robart also claimed that the case brought to him should easily win. So, I guess Judge Robart is now some sort of Psychic Judge, capable of predetermining the outcomes of any court. That must be why George W. Bush nominated him!

Judge James Robart

Of course, the reality is that no foreigner, not even a ′refugee′, has any legal entitlement to a visa into the United States. Furthermore, President Donald J. Trump was perfectly well within his Constitutional authority to order a temporary travel pause for national security reasons. There are plenty of examples, both here and abroad, to demonstrate that terrorist groups and inspired individuals are abusing the refugee programs of ′civilized′ nations to do harm. We just saw an example of this in Paris, France, where a man from the UAE entered France on a regular travel visa with intentions to kill people. Luckily, the machete-armed terrorist was stopped before he could harm any visitors to the Louvre Museum. I bet the French wish they had a travel ban!

Judge James Robart is an activist judge with ties to radical groups, such as Black Lives Matter. BLM was involved in the recent riots at both UC Berkeley and NYU campuses. Perhaps, in a back-handed way, Robart has delivered a strong case for the Second Amendment. Since he apparently believes that government has no authority, nor any obligation, to protect individual citizens, said individual citizens must therefore, defend themselves! That means owning and carrying firearms or other weapons of choice. I, for one, would enjoy carrying both a firearm, if not two or three, along with several edged weapons, including a nice, sharp, ′battle-ready′ sword! Only then would I feel safe in a world ruled by men like Judge James Robart.

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