After just two weeks, President Donald J. Trump continues to ′Make America Great Again′! There are plenty of indicators for this. Perhaps the most obvious is the sharp increase in ′Liberal Hysteria′. We saw not one but two college campus riots just this past week as Far-Left kooks went violent over a couple of Libertarian speakers. First was Milo Yiannopoulos, a Libertarian homosexual who is the technology editor for Breitbart News and the other riot at NYU was a reaction to Gavin McInnes, Libertarian actor/comedian and co-founder of Vice Media. Both men are British Anglos and one would think that the Far-Left would like them. Especially McInnes, whose Vice Media has the most Left-Wing news show on cable and also runs their own network, Viceland TV. Most of its programming is focused on marijuana use and extremist Liberal views. One show, ″Desus and Mero″, brags about how they never have White males on as guests!

trump flag convoy

President Trump is also signing more executive orders to chip away at the old and failed Obama agenda. Most notably was yesterday′s orders which ditched some of the dumber portions of the Todd-Frank Act. In particular, removing road blocks which prevent small and mid-sized banks from lending money to small businesses. This action was welcome news to all, even on Wall Street. The latest January Jobs Report also shows a healthy trend, especially for full-time employment. There was a marked increase of about 0.2% from December, and an overall improvement of some 300,000 full-time jobs from a year ago. For the first time since Barack Obama took office, the percentage of full-time jobs increased and part-time jobs became less of the total new jobs created..

The best indicator, however, as I described earlier, is the absolute meltdown by the Far-Left. The hysteria against President Trump has certainly reached a point of ′critical mass′. The lunacy is across the board, from insane college professors, like the woman from NYU, screaming about Fascism, to Hollywood idiots like Sarah Silverman, calling for a military coup to oust President Trump. Fat chance of that happening, Sarah! Especially after the recent sighting in Kentucky of a President Trump flag on a convoy vehicle by US Navy SEALs. The Far-Left are showing themselves to be an extremist, fringe group, well beyond the pale of the ′Mainstream′.

Speaking of ′Hysteria′, I happened to watch a movie of the same title Friday morning. The plot was a romantic comedy revolving around a doctor treating female hysteria suffered by women in Victorian England. The young doctor developed carpal syndrome in his right hand ′servicing′ his female patients to relieve them of their hysteria. Alas, technology intervenes as a friend of the doctor invests an electric feather duster. The doctor quickly realizes that the device′s motions are ideally suited for treating his patients. A new fitting is designed to replace the feather duster and women are soon relieved of their hysteria, caused by a lack of sexual satisfaction.

This, naturally, leads me to wonder if the hysteria of the Far-Left is likewise the result of sexual dysfunctions? We often joke about Liberalism being a mental disorder, but, perhaps, it is actually a sexual disorder? Liberal loons are being created because of the lack of fulfillment. The high expectations created during the Free Love era in our modern, politically correct society has resulted in turning men into metrosexual, pajama-boy wusses and ladies into unhappy, frustrated tarts. Neither gender is getting enough action! We may now even being seeing similar frustration and lack of satisfaction in the fringe, alternative genders.

Whatever is going on in the world of Liberalism, there is little doubt that the high-speed manly actions by President Donald J. Trump is driving them even crazier. The liars in The Media are telling even more ′Fake News′ than before. College campuses have become outright battle zones. Every Far-Left nut has become more intolerant and violent. Even many ′moderate′ Liberals are now being tagged as Fascists and racists by their extremist colleagues. Liberalism has become a snake eating itself and the public, the Real America, is watching! This, alone is cause enough to celebrate how President Donald Trump is making America greater than ever before!

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