President Donald J. Trump fulfilled yet another campaign promise, picking Judge Neil M. Gorsuch to be his US Supreme Court nominee. Judge Gorsuch is a highly qualified and respected jurist with impeccable credentials. He currently serves on the 10th Circuit US Court of Appeals in Denver, Colorado, his home town. He is 49 years old and is well thought of in Conservative circles. President Trump presented Judge Gorsuch and his wife, Louise last night from the East Room of the White House in a prime-time ceremony. While Republicans are praising the choice, members of the Democratic Party are already preparing to fight the nominee. Judge Gorsuch will fulfill the seat left vacant after the death last year of Associate Justice Antonin Scalia, whom was a personal friend.

Judge Neil Gorsuch

However, the Democrats may be over a barrel on this one. In 2006, Judge Gorsuch was confirmed by the Senate unanimously by voice vote for his seat on the Court of Appeals. His career in law began after graduating from a series of the universities considered the best in the world. He earned his BA with honors from Columbia, his JD from Harvard Law School where he was a Truman Scholar and his PhD from Oxford as a Marshal Scholar. Judge Gorsuch then served as a clerk for Judge David Sentelle of the DC Circuit Court of Appeals, then clerked for both Supreme Court Justices Byron White and Anthony Kennedy. After a few years in private practice, Judge Gorsuch was appointed Deputy Associate Attorney General of the Department of Justice in 2005. In May of 2006, President George W. Bush nominated him to a seat in the 10th Circuit US Court of Appeals.

Philosophically, Judge Gorsuch is a Conservative and has an ′Originalist′ view of the US Constitution. He does not believe that judges should legislate from the bench, but apply the law under its original intent. Judge Gorsuch is most noted for his rulings in favor of religious freedoms, particularly the cases filed by Hobby Lobby and the Little Sisters of the Poor, both challenges to Obamacare over employers paying for contraceptives despite moral objections by the employers. He also wrote a book, ″The Future of Assisted Suicide and Euthanasia″, which argued against the practice on moral and legal grounds.

There is no doubt that in President Donald Trump picking Judge Neil Gorsuch to be his US Supreme Court nominee will be opposed by Democrats and Liberal organizations. Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell is not ruling out using the ′nuclear option′ to have Judge Gorsuch fill the seat left vacant after the death of Associate Justice Antonin Scalia. The plan is to place Judge Gorsuch on the US Supreme Court bench by April, when many cases will be heard. Senate Democrats are in a pickle as many voted for him to serve of the 10th Circuit US Court of Appeals. Furthermore, 10 Senate Democrats are facing tough reelections in 2018 in states which President Donald Trump won. Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer may have to let those senators vote for Judge Gorsuch or face losing more seats in the mid-term elections.

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