President Donald J. Trump fired Acting Attorney General Sally Yates yesterday for attempting to interfere with the implementation of the temporary travel ban. Acting AG Sally Yates instructed federal attorneys within the Justice Department to not defend the executive order issued by President Trump on Saturday. The order enacted a temporary travel ban on all refugees originating from 7 countries which had been identified by the Obama administration as being difficult to vet. The White House dismissed Yates for refusing to enforce a law which the Department of Justice had determined to be legally sound.

trump fires acting ag sally yates

Sally Yates was an appointee by Barack Obama, who installed her as Deputy Attorney General in 2015. Since January 20, 2017, she has been Acting AG until Jeff Sessions is confirmed by the U.S. Senate. That confirmation has been deliberately delayed by Senate Democrats, whom are also delaying many other cabinet officials from taking their posts. President Donald Trump has replaced Yates with Federal Attorney for Eastern Virginia, Dana Boente. Acting AG Boente rescinded the order by Yates, so the Justice Department will now defend the temporary travel ban in the various lawsuits filed since implemented.

As a political appointee, Sally Yates had no valid reason to act as she did. If she disagreed with the executive order, she should have resigned. All political appointees usually submit resignations at the beginning of a new administration. Typically, an incoming president accepts those immediately once his own appointees are confirmed. Others will remain in positions until the new administration can replace them so that the government can continue to function.

There is no doubt that Yates crossed the line on this action. The temporary travel ban is not new, as it has been used before by other presidents, including Barack Obama in 2011. The seven countries listed in the executive order by President Trump had all been identified by the Obama administration as nations where doing background checks on refugees is extremely difficult. Of some 360,000 airline passengers who were already airborne and arrived in the United States as the ban went into effect, only 109 people were detained for further questioning. Of those, two were deported.

The liars of The Media and the Democratic Party have blown this whole affair completely out of proportion. This is a clear example of ′Fake News′ running amok! Along with these liars in The Media and Democrats in Washington, a variety of Far-Left, Liberal organizations have been behind the organized protests at many airports across America. Even President Trump pointed out that there was more disruption caused by a computer glitch of an airline than by his executive order on Saturday. Some argue that the White House goofed by implementing the order so quickly. However, to delay it would have given terrorists an opportunity to act before the ban went into effect.

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