The dishonest news media is spreading fake news again, this time about the temporary travel ban, causing protests. If you watch ABCCBSCNNMSNBCNBC or read the NYTimes or WashPo, you would think that President Donald J. Trump is acting beyond the U.S. Constitution. However, ′The Truth′ is that the temporary travel ban is not only not new, the seven nations listed in it were all identified by the Obama administration as having vetting problems. Four were listed in 2015, the other 3 in 2016. Jimmy Carter imposed a temporary travel ban on refugees from Iran in 1979 and even Barack Hussein Obama did the same in 2011 for those refugees from Iraq. In his 1995 State of the Union address, even William Jefferson Clinton referred to the fact that ″illegal aliens″ had no ′right′ to cross our borders without our permission.

travel ban protests

Yes, the liars in The Media are just making a big deal out of the temporary travel ban because it was ordered by President Donald Trump, who campaigned as a Republican. Likewise, the Liberal loons in Congress, Beltway Punditry and Hollywood are all up in arms. Chucky Schumer shedding crocodile tears over the temporary travel ban was moronic, at best. No tears shed for Christian refugees from Syria whom, despite being targeted for beheadings and other violence, were discriminated against by the Obama administration. No Hollywood celebrities made note of how some Afghani refugees raped a White, Swedish woman live on Facebook for 3 hours! Not even Lily Tomlin nor Julia Louis Dreyfus seemed to care about such atrocities.

The temporary travel ban is just that, TEMPORARY! The Trump administration merely wants 90 days to review vetting procedures for refugees from countries where there is ongoing, sectarian violence. This is not a ′blanket′ ″Muslim Ban″, as some 40 other nations which have majority Muslim populations are not part of the ban. The review of our vetting procedures and methods is needed as we have seen cases, both here and abroad, where refugees with violent intent have slipped through The System. There is nothing illegal, unconstitutional, evil nor sinister about imposing a temporary travel ban. And, despite what The Media liars are saying, there is nothing new about it, either! Other presidents have done it before without protests and hoopla.

No, what these temporary travel ban protests are all about is pure politics. The same politics of irrational division, lies and chaos often used by Far-Left Liberals. Even before President Donald J. Trump was elected, Liberals and their allies in The Media have been busy attacking him from every possible direction. Every syllable President Trump utters is distorted and twisted by these professional liars. Liberals have lost an enormous amount of political power since their heyday between 2006 through 2008. All they have to show for it is a damaged economy and a pile of lies. Not to mention at least 5 million or so dead people from the Congo, Syria, Libya and elsewhere, along with the whole Refugee Crisis, due to their failed policies. So ′Trust In Trump′ and all will be well.

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