President Donald J. Trump signed the lobby ban executive order yesterday, fulfilling yet another campaign promise to #DrainTheSwamp! He also signed two memorandums on Saturday. One to instruct the Pentagon to develop a plan in 30 days to defeat the Islamic State and another reorganizing the National Security Council, or NSC. The EO on lobbying will ban all Executive Branch appointees from working for any U.S. based lobbying firms for at least 5 years after leaving public service. It also instates a lifetime ban on working any foreign lobbyists. As we have seen in past administrations, many public officials join lobbying firms shortly after leaving the Executive Branch. This is a major reason why so many trade deals and regulations go against our national interests.

trump lobbying ban

The Trump administration continues to move at lightning speed in rejuvenating the United States government. I am reminded of the scene from the movie ″Patton″ where a Third Army unit stops at a French village after the breakout from the Normandy beachhead. The unit is lost because they realize that they have advanced so fast, they have gone beyond any of the maps they were issued!

Much the same is true with President Donald Trump. His drive to restore honest government is unknown territory for the usual gang of Washington Insiders. He is outmaneuvering the ′Old Guard′ of Beltway politics! They are totally clueless! So many Insiders and professional pundits were surprised by President Trump winning the election. Now, they are surprised that he is actually keeping his campaign promises, and doing so at a dizzying pace. The fact that they never suspected that this might happen just goes to prove how corrupt and stupid they are.

Yes, President Donald Trump, with his lobbying ban executive order, is giving the American People a taste of what honest, clean government tastes like! Unlike Obama, President Trump is doing this with full transparency, and daily at a reasonable hour. Gone are the days of learning about some Obama executive order in the dark of night, if ever at all. We, the American People, can sleep soundly knowing that President Donald J. Trump has our back and is working for us, not for the Elites of Wall Street, K Street or those Globalists who recently gathered at Davos, Switzerland.

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