Please, President Donald J. Trump, stop working so hard! I can′t take winning every day, every hour! We′re winning too much! Take a day off! Go to Hollywood for a fundraiser. Or maybe play golf with Tiger Woods? How about a two-week vacation in Hawaii or Martha′s Vineyard? Maybe go visit Queen Elizabeth II for a few days? Perhaps Jeb Bush should pay you a visit and teach you how to be low-energy? Just stop with all the winning!

President Trump refugees

I know, I′m just kidding. The first full week of the President Donald Trump administration has been a full one with quite a bit accomplished. He has laid the groundwork for fulfilling nearly all of his campaign promises. The biggest problem we face is the fact that Congress and the Washington bureaucracy move at a snail′s pace. President Trump, on the other hand, is flying down the highway at 100MPH in a 1966 GTO, its ″rakish, flat flanks″ (as the late David Newman would say), blurring by, powered by a 4-barrel-carbed, 383 engine, fueled by high-octane American gasoline! It will take Congress 8 years just to implement all of the laws and programs President Trump has started this week.

Team Trump has already copyrighted their 2020 campaign slogan, ″Keep America Great!″ I have another suggestion, ″Let′s Finish The Job!″ Or, ″We′re Not Done Yet!″ Seriously, the pace of the Trump administration is so fast he really won′t even need a second term. If Congress, especially the Senate, were to start putting in some hours, President Trump will have solved all of our problems by July, if not April or March of this year.

If this first week is any indication of the sort of pace we can expect from the White House under President Trump, he will Make America Great Again in very short order. There will be no mistaking it, either. No need to cook the books on economic news, or the threat of ISIS nor hide numbers concerning illegal immigrants. We will have visible signs of actual, genuine change. For example, just take the move to prosecute Inauguration Day rioters arrested under federal felony charges. Once Jeff Sessions throws the book at these paid protestors and those who fund them, the streets of America will become safe once again.

Meanwhile, The Media is still clueless as to what is going on. They are still fixated by piddly nonsense. I was watching CNN this morning for a couple of seconds and saw the headline, ″134 Million To Be Banned From Travel″. This was in reference to an executive order signed by President Trump yesterday at the Pentagon on retooling refugee travel. Somehow, the ′Fake News′ network, CNN, has developed the notion that the entire populations of Libya, Syria and other countries suddenly want to visit us. Is it any wonder why White House Chief Strategist, Stephen K. Bannon warned The Media to talk less and listen more? They are not even listening to themselves, for if they did, they might feel embarrassed.

The Media and those like-minded Liberal dolts are too used to having their way as the country is run by morons. Now, that they are up against an administration of people who actually think, The Media is doomed! What little credibility they still have will soon be gone as the nation watches a President who actually does a full day′s job. Within in matter of weeks, President Trump may start getting bored as he waits for Congress to catch up. While there is plenty he can do by way of executive actions, at the rate President Trump is currently going, he′ll exhaust that field of action probably in about 3 to 4 weeks from now.

President Donald Trump was absolutely correct when he said he could run his businesses and the country at the same time. The Democrats and The Media may regret forcing him to give up his business distractions. Yes, I know, there is plenty be be done and he has only just started. But after this first week, President Trump has taken a jackhammer to the Obama Legacy, as well as decades of Washington stupidity. Even sweet, lovable Nikki Haley is getting in on the fun, telling the United Nations that she′s going to start ″taking names″! I knew all along that President Trump would tear Liberalism a new a-hole, but yikes! He′s already fileted and gutted them. They haven′t even noticed yet that they are being disemboweled. The katana of President Trump is sharp, swift and relentless! He may have to slow down and start pacing himself a bit as he runs out of dragons to slay.

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