Will the liars in The Media cover the March For Life 2017 gathering honestly? Or will they choose to ignore hundreds of thousands of Pro-Life demonstrators marching in Washington, DC? Last weekend, The Media gave wall-to-wall coverage of the Women′s March on Washington, consisting mainly of protestors who demand to have access to late term abortions. They want to be able to kill their babies even after a live birth! But the liars in The Media ignored that aspect of the marchers as part of their agenda to highlight anger over the election of President Donald J. Trump. But for the Pro-Life movement, they have a friendly Trump administration supporting them. Vice President Mike Pence is scheduled to speak with those gathering for the March For Life 2017.

march for life

Last weekend, The Media made much of how perhaps as many as two million people participated in the Women′s March on Washington worldwide. The number of protestors who marched in Washington, DC was perhaps around 600,000 or more. This weekend, the March For Life will likely draw even more marchers worldwide, and rival the number actually in Washington, itself. The Pro-Life movement has been around for decades and is highly organized. In recent years, the numbers of people opposing abortions, especially late term abortions, has been steadily increasing.

This reality upsets the Far-Left Liberals. They always try to make themselves appear as being the normal, popular consensus side of the abortion argument. This is why The Media is ignoring the new book about the trial of abortion serial killer, Dr. Kermit Gosnell, and none of the major studios have offered to make a movie. Gosnell was convicted of several counts of first degree murder in Philadelphia courts for at least three babies ′aborted′ after they were born alive. Some law enforcement officials estimate that he may have killed thousands of live-birth babies over his career as an abortionist. Babies were found at his clinic in Philadelphia dead from having their throats slit. He even killed some of the mothers, mostly poor, minority women, while performing botched abortions, or by prescribing harmful drugs. During the trial, jurors were horrified even when they heard descriptions of successful, proper abortions.

There is no doubt that abortion is essentially murder. While some may argue that it is necessary in rare cases when the life of the mother is threatened, those cases constitute a very small percentage at best. Before the U.S. Supreme Court case known as Roe v Wade, abortion laws were determined by the individual states. Some states allowed for certain kinds of abortions, others had different standards. Some states chose to ban abortion altogether. For many people, the issue boils down to matters of religious belief or basic biology.

After Roe v. Wade, abortions became legal across the nation. Some states could still impose restrictions, such as regarding when such can be performed without any actual medical reasons, usually between 3 to 4.5 months. The Far-Left Liberals have coined abortion as a woman′s right to choose, completely ignoring any right that the innocent, voiceless, human infant may have. Coined is the right word, as ′pro-choice′ organizations make big bucks raising donations for their cause. Not to mention the money Planned Parenthood makes for their activities in the abortion market.

So, I am willing to bet that the liars in The Media will ignore or outright lie about the March For Life 2017 being held today in Washington, DC, as well as in cities elsewhere. They will downplay the size of the crowds and do other things to marginalize the Pro-Life movement. But, this policy by The Media has failed in the past and will continue to fail even more so, today. People no longer get all of their news from a handful of Liberally-biased sources. Trust in The Media is at an all-time low, as well as viewer and readership. Anybody with a Facebook or Twitter account and a smart-phone with a camera can now post pictures and live-streaming video for all of the world to see. They refuse to admit it, but the days of The Media dominating the flow of information are long gone! The citizen-journalist now can have as much impact as a reporter from a major TV network or newspaper.

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