President Donald J. Trump signed executive orders yesterday to begin the process of securing our borders, thus fulfilling yet another campaign promise! Actions were taken to start setting the stage to build ′The Wall′, hire 5,000 more ICE agents, deporting illegal immigrants whom have committed other crimes while here and to penalize ′Sanctuary Cities′. Other moves, both legislation before Congress and more executive actions are forthcoming. President Trump signed the orders yesterday while visiting Homeland Security. Among his guests were parents of victims by illegal immigrants. They were very pleased to see President Trump begin taking action to make America safe again!

trump immigration wall

So, once again, we have another busy day by President Donald Trump. No slacking off, no golf outings or parties at the White House. No vacations every few days. He is putting in long hours loaded with plenty of work. This is exactly what we wanted to see! This is precisely why President Trump was elected! He′s not taking days off or having midday naps. No coughing fits, either! President Trump also isn′t flying around making speeches everyday like Obama did. Its all work and no play!

The Trump administration is setting a brisk pace as it moves forward, consolidating power. He will fly up to Philadelphia today to attend a conference of Congressional Republicans to coordinate a schedule for implementing his agenda. We already have word that Kate′s Law will be reintroduced in both the House and the Senate shortly. That will tie in nicely with yesterday′s executive orders.

The issue of illegal immigration was a big one during the 2016 campaign. Every presidential candidate, including Hillary Clinton, whom proposed a mild-mannered approach was defeated. A major reason why President Trump was elected was because of his hard-nosed stand on the subject. He told his huge crowds of supporters at every speech that securing our border was a top priority. Now, President Donald Trump is making good on that campaign promise. His plans to build ′The Wall′, crackdown on Sanctuary Cities, and run violent illegal immigrants out of our country for good are now poised to begin.

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