Is your head spinning yet? President Donald J. Trump is proving that not only will he make good on his campaign promises, but do so with great speed and determination! After another long and very productive day, the Trump administration continues to roll back the many errors of Barack Hussein Obama. President Donald Trump signed an executive order yesterday reversing the stupid Obama order against the Keystone XL and Dakota Access pipelines. President Trump approved both pipelines and stipulated that they shall be built by America workers using American-made steel. As Stan Lee would say…, EXCELSIOR!!!

Donald Trump Keystone pipeline

President Trump also began setting the stage for introducing ′extreme vetting′ on refugees from places known to be ripe with radical Islamic terrorists, as well as giving our troops and intelligence officers additional tools for gathering information from captured terrorists. Team Trump also shutdown the EPA from making any public statements until the new leadership is in place. Plans for building ′The Wall′ along our southern border also moved forward and President Trump also met with the heads of US automobile manufacturers to encourage US investment and job creation.

Of course, The Media continues to focus on other minor matters. You would think that by now, after President Trump defeated 16 GOP primary candidates and Hillary Clinton, that they would realize that he is beyond their reach with such mud slinging? In one respect, I am happy that their focus is so misplaced, as it only hurts their own credibility and ignores the high-speed revolution which President Trump is executing on Washington, DC.

Yes, the Trump Train is rolling down the track ay 90MPH! With boundless energy, President Trump is destroying the Obama Legacy of inept stupidity and slack-politics. There is little, if anything, which either The Media, or the Democrats, can do to stop him. We finally have somebody who knows how to win and wield power in the White House! Just as predicted by President Trump, himself, we are going to win and keep on winning! We are going to win so much that we won′t be able to keep count of all of our victories!

So President Donald J. Trump has approved the construction of both the Keystone XL and Dakota Access pipelines. There was no, rational reason why Obama should have stopped them. Only irrational, politically-motivated reasons, such as placating to big, Liberal donors like Tom Steyers and Warren Buffet, both of whom have financial interests in keeping oil transports on trains. From an environmentalist standpoint, pipelines are far more ecologically friendly, cleaner and safer, with fewer spills and disruptions. By adding a commitment to using American labor and American steel, President Trump scores a double-victory as part of the Stephen Bannon strategy of transforming the GOP into a ′Workers Party′. This is just the beginning, folks! Everyday we will see more and more of the same, so you better get used to winning!

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