An irate, Liberal woman who apparently hates President Donald Trump was kicked off an Alaska Airlines flight after causing a commotion. Scott Koteskey was just sitting in his window seat on the Baltimore to Seattle flight after attending the inauguration. The Liberal woman then verbally attacked him, threatening him with her own vomit, ″I′m going to throw up right in your lap!″ She continued on her tirade, drawing the attention of flight attendants and others seated around her. As a TSA officer escorted the Liberal woman as she was kicked off the airliner, the other passengers cheered!

liberal woman kicked off airliner

Yes, the Liberal Loons are going wacko! Minor TV host, Chelsea Handler attacked First Lady Melania Trump for having an accent. I wonder how languages Chelsea can speak, as Mrs. Trump speaks 5 other than English fluently? On Monday night, the Democratic Party held a forum featuring the candidates seeking the job as DNC Chair person. Sally Boynton Brown of Idaho told the audience that she wants to ″shut up White people″! ′Mizz′ Brown is herself White, but perhaps she is like that goofy woman from Seattle who once headed the NAACP pretending to be Africa-American for many years? As I wrote about the other day, we had a whole bunch of lunacy at the Women′s March on Washington 2017, such as the overrated, has-been singer, Madonna, who told the crowd that she has been thinking a lot lately about blowing up the White House.

Meanwhile, the idiots in The Media are still trying to make hay out of a few passing comments by President Donald J. Trump and his staffers. The Liberal Media is upset about the term ′alternative facts′. Of course, they went along with 8 years of ′alternative facts′ spewed by the Obama administration. The phony employment numbers, the phony inflation rates, the many lies about Obamacare, the many lies about Benghazi and of Hillary Clinton and her email scandal. Let us not forget the ′alternative facts′ about climate change and global warming that are being shoved down our throats daily for the past 25 years or so.

The Liberals are going completely bonkers as they watch President Trump shatter their world of fantasy. Their side lost the election because they ignored the vast majority of real Americans who have been suffering for the past 8 years. Many have been suffering for the past several decades. Liberal policies and attitudes have been ruining this country on every single level. From classrooms to church pews, from workplaces to our city streets, Liberals have been wreaking havoc on Americans.

What may be driving this lunacy is the nagging suspicion that they have lost most, if not all, of their political power. In truth, they have! The Democratic Party is a regional power, now, controlling only about 200 of the nation′s 3,000 or so counties. True, those counties are the more heavily populated ones. But, as President Donald Trump has begun to make good on his campaign promises of rebuilding America′s manufacturing industries and inner cities, the Liberals may find themselves losing even more ground. Losing even more political power.

With talk like that of Sally Boynton Brown against all White people, and with organized labor beginning to shift allegiance to President Trump, the Democratic Party base of supporters will shrink to a few fringe groups. There is even a battle brewing within the transgender community between women who want to be men versus men who want to be women as feminist groups try to rally opposition to President Trump. The use by the Democratic Party of ′Identity Politics′ has created a shaky base of supporters. The more threads which get pulled out of their tapestry, the more it all starts to fall apart.

The anti-Trump woman who was kicked off an airline flight for verbally harassing a supporter of President Donald Trump is just another sign of how crazy Liberals are. The video from passenger Scott Koteskey went viral after he posted it on Facebook. America and the world at large watched as this Liberal woman had a mental meltdown due to her own insecurities and intolerance. Scott Koteskey did the right thing in just letting her rant away and make a fool of herself. Even the rest of the Alaska Airline passengers saw that Scott had the moral and legal high ground. And, thanks to the Daily Caller, video of Sally Boynton Brown attacking all White people has also opened the eyes of many Americans. Thanks to the viral videos, the rest of the world sees it, too!

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