President Donald J. Trump was highly praised by a gathering of labor union leaders at the White House yesterday. Not only were they excited by his program to bring back manufacturing jobs, but also the decision by President Trump to repeal the Obama executive order on participation in TPP, the Trans-Pacific Partnership. Another of the sort of multinational, multilateral trade deals which hurt American industry and workers. Despite Barack Obama, a Democrat, occupying the White House for 8 years, only three of the dozen or so union leaders said that they have been invited before. Once again, President Trump shows that he is a Man for the People!

donald trump meets labor union leaders

Yes, President Donald Trump understands the American worker. He is determined to increase the number of jobs and increase wages for all Americans. Monday was a busy day for achieving this goal. President Trump began by meeting with many business leaders during a meeting which ran two-hours, twice as long as planned. What is clear is that while reducing taxes is important to economic growth, reducing federal regulars is absolutely critical to creating prosperity.

We are already seeing a renewed attitude by Corporate America to invest and expand jobs here in the United States. This morning, the food retail giant, Kroger, announced that it will be hiring another 10,000 employees. The numbers just keep piling up as President Trump makes America great again! Today, He will meet again with the heads of US car companies. They have already begun to recommit themselves to increasing investments and jobs in America.

Ending the TPP provides President Donald Trump with the means to renegotiate trade deals with each, individual country, allowing him to use our huge, wealthy market as leverage. The folly of those multilateral agreements are that they have little to do with ′free trade′, and even less to do with ′fair trade′. We need better terms if America is going to have a robust economy, growing at a respectable rate of 4% per year. For the last 8 years under Obama, our GDP barely grew at an average of 2% annually. That, simply, is not enough. So it is no surprise that even union leaders are applauding President Trump and his policies for economic growth.

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