President Donald J. Trump promised during his campaign to bring manufacturing jobs back to America from China. He even specifically called on production of Apple products to be ′Made in the USA′. This morning, the electronic giant Foxconn announces that it will invest some $7 Billion dollars in opening a US plant for making flat screen displays. Foxconn produces a wide range of devices, including Apple smart-phones, a.k.a. iPhones. So, once again, President Trump has made good on a campaign promise. Even before taking the ′Oath of Office′ on Friday, President-Elect Trump had already influenced many manufacturers to save and create new jobs here in America rather than in Mexico or overseas. Tens of thousands of US workers will soon have good paying jobs thanks to President Donald J. Trump, and he is just getting started!

Foxconn US plant

The days of ″Yes We Can″ are being replaced by ″Yes We Have!″ With each passing day, the new Trump administration is making America greater than ever before. As President Trump begins his first full, weekday in office, he is already busy. He already started tweeting on Twitter well before 7am letting us, his employers, the American People, know what he has planned for today. Barack Obama rarely even entered the Oval Office before 10am. But President Trump is high-energy and highly motivated. He will start the day meeting with business leaders to fix the economy. Later, he will begin rolling back many of Obama′s executive orders. This evening, President Trump will meet with the leadership of both parties from Congress to outline his agenda. Obama rarely met with Congressional leaders of his own party, let alone with both!

I call this ′The Trump Difference′! President Trump′s administration is setting the tone for hard work and plenty of it! No lolly-gagging about. No slacking off on the job. President Trump is a ′Man of Action′, not of mere rhetoric and optics. We will see so much happening, so quickly, it will be hard to keep up with it all. While Jeb Bush is still trying to figure out what to do with all of his left over, campaign guac bowls, President Donald J. Trump will be a whirlwind of legislation and determination. All for the benefit of us, the American People.

During his Inauguration Day speech, President Trump assured the nation that Friday was not merely the transition of power from one political party to another, but from the Beltway Elites back to the American People. The Elites are not happy! Dummies like the King of Cucks, George Will, were downright horrified by President Trump′s address. Their cozy, insular bubble of power was burst! Just like Hillary Clinton supporters, they have yet to accept the reality that they have already lost. They think that this is just a temporary setback. That is two or four years, the Elites can stage a comeback. Think again!

President Trump is a Twister, Mister! If he just gets 5% of his agenda completed in the first 100 days, President Trump will have changed the basic structure of power in America enough to foil the Elites forever. This is a political earthquake the likes we have never seen before. It will even make the Reagan Revolution look pale in comparison! Much of the initial agenda is straight out of the Heritage Foundation playbook. We are going to witness a fundamental change in how Washington operates.

The Elites of the Democratic Party and the GOP Cucks still think that they can salvage the situation. THEY ARE WRONG!!! It′s GAME OVER! No reset, no restart. Ronald Reagan understood political compromise and was happy when he got 50% of what he sought. President Donald Trump is a leader who is a master negotiator. He will get 80-90% of what he wants. Maybe more! ″The Art of the Deal″ is his natural environment. Deal making is an involuntary reflex to him. President Trump is so dynamic a personality that he will run rings around everybody. Just look at how chummy all were when he was signing his first documents and passing out pens to Nancy Pelosi and Chuck Schumer. Wielding power is a comfortable to President Trump as wearing a pair of plush bunny slippers. He is the Ultimate Schmoozer!

His opponents do not have a chance nor a prayer! Obama had potential to be great in his first year or two, but he had neither the experience nor the personality. While President Trump does not have the same majority which Obama enjoyed in the Senate, he still has enough to get the job done. Make no mistake, the job WILL get done! Things are going to start happening and at a pace never seen before. Even LBJ would be impressed!

The decision by Foxconn to open a US plant to manufacture digital displays is just the latest of several major companies deciding to open or enlarge factories in the United States and hire more American workers. They understand that President Donald J. Trump is serious about penalizing those who engage in unfair trade practices and rob us of our jobs and wealth. The days of the American government behaving foolishly in handing out advantages to others are now over. President Trump is just getting started and is already setting the tone for renaissance in American manufacturing.

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