President Donald J. Trump sure chose well when he tapped Sean Spicer to be his White House Press Secretary! During his first appearance before the Press Corps in the Briefing Room, Spicer came out guns-ablazin′, blasting The Media for the lies and Fake News they have been spreading. A pool reporter from the overrated, failing Time Magazine tweeted on Twitter about how a bust of Martin Luther King Jr was removed from the Oval Office and replaced with a bust of Winston Churchill. That was a lie and the reporter eventually tweeted a retraction. Spicer then went after the numerous stories in The Media downplaying the attendance numbers at the Inauguration ceremony. Even the New York Times had to come clean with their initial errors on that lie! After giving a few updates on other matters, Sean Spicer departed, refusing to take any questions from The Media. The point made was loud and clear! The Trump administration will have a zero-tolerance policy when it comes to The Media liars!

Sean Spicer

I am not going to quibble much about the attendance numbers. While scanning the coverage on CNN and MSNBC Friday, I heard early figures of 450,000 or so, which I knew immediately were false. It was obvious to me that the real number was at least double that! Even without ′Tile-Gate′, there were far more fencing and security measures on Friday than in 2009 at Obama′s first inauguration. The weather was nicer, too, sunny while colder, still makes for a larger local crowd. Aside from the political reality that most of the population of Washington, DC is Democrat. I suspect that more people watched President Trump on the Internet, since more people today use that rather than television for viewing events and programs. Just the fact that the world′s population is larger now, with more people having access to the Internet, means that President Trump had more viewers.

On the matter of ′Bust-Gate′, there is no wiggle room for the dishonest media. The allegation was false from the start. I don′t recall The Media getting all upset when Obama removed Churchill′s bust out of personal pettiness. His father and grandfather were both anti-British. Obama′s father was a drunken, Marxist bigamist, who hated the British. Obama′s paternal grandfather even fought against the British in the Mau Mau Uprising. So removing the Winston Churchill bust from the Oval Office, which had been a gift by the British after the 9/11 attacks, by Obama, was petty, personal and offensive to one of our major allies.

What Sean Spicer did yesterday was heroic! He threw down the gauntlet, letting The Media know that their lies would no longer be tolerated. These stories from the first two days of the Trump administration are all about questioning the legitimacy of President Donald J. Trump. They have been doing such ever since Election Day when the results were not what they expected. Hillary Clinton lost because she was a lousy candidate with too much baggage. Had she been a Republican and abused her position as she did, she would have been indicted and most likely convicted of numerous, felony charges. Her loss had nothing to do with Fake News, Russian hackers nor James Comey. President Trump is quite correct that if anything, the FBI Director erred in her favor.

The American People are getting tired of The Media and their lies, too! Most opinion polls show a general disdain and mistrust of today′s, so-called journalists. Other than Fox News, which got a 19% approval, and CNN which got a 13% approval, the rest of the major TV news networks are all in single digits according to one recent poll. Some polls show The Media in lower regard than even Congress! They are out of control and need to be slapped upside the head. They are only hurting themselves and their profession by continuing in this fashion.

This morning at 6am, I was watching CNN and they had a panel of about 8 people, 7 of whom were trying to defend their lying ways. Only poor Roger Stone was alone holding the line for truth in reporting. When you gotta field 8 people on a panel at 6am on a Sunday morning, you know they are in trouble! They, CNN, got caught in reporting Fake News, like so many others, and are desperate to climb out of the grave they are digging themselves into. The ratings and subscriptions for most in The Media, those reporting with a Left-wing tilt, are declining. If they don′t wake up soon and smell the coffee, they will perish as alternatives evolve.

The Media may not realize it, but Sean Spicer threw them a lifesaver yesterday during his White House Briefing. He drew a line in the sand which is plain to see. The Media either has to start telling the truth and behave themselves, or they will find themselves exiled as members of the alternative press get seats in the front row. Guys like CNN′s Jim Acosta may never get a question taken by Sean Spicer or President Donald Trump until they start telling the truth!

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