I have to wonder if the Secret Service will be paying Madonna a visit sometime soon? The overrated, has-been, celebrity singer dropped many F-bombs during her speech at the Women′s March on Washington 2017 event yesterday. She also admitted publicly that she has been thinking a lot about ″bombing the White House″! Oh-oh! Naughty-naughty! Aside from the fact that you shouldn′t be thinking of such things in the first place, if you are a rational, mentally stable person, you REALLY shouldn′t be shouting about it in front of a large crowd. You never know what nut-job you may inspire. So why was there a Women′s March on Washington 2017? What do they hope to accomplish? I shall explain this in plain, simple terms…

Madonna Women's March

What ′rights′ were these women demonstrating to defend? It boils down to simply the right to kill their own babies so they can act like sluts. Plain and simple, folks! They want the right to have irresponsible sex. Now, I have a piece of advice for those women who desire sexual gratification without the potential responsibility of becoming pregnant. Two pieces, actually. Either invest in some form of toy/device, or, switch teams and become a lesbian. There is nothing wrong with that. Nothing to be ashamed of. Certainly much less so than murdering your own child!

Yes, there were many signs being carried by women protesters about supporting Planned Parenthood, an organization whose primary purpose is to acquire and sell dead baby meat. Maybe I′m being a tad vulgar, but this is the Age of Trump! That is why he was elected. People who practice Common Sense have had enough of all of the ′La-La-Land′ nonsense. These misguided attitudes and agendas of the Far Left have been ruining our nation, our culture and our civilization for far too long. There is nothing noble nor redeeming about performing or seeking abortions. Even if you do so to eat the dead baby meat, that does not equate abortion with hunting game. It is cannibalism, something which only lower order of animals practice, and even then usually only when they are driven by utter desperation.

I realize that it is a Sunday and I do not want to be so harsh. But we have to face facts and reality. If you are a normal, rational, law-abiding citizen, President Donald Trump is not a threat to you nor to your God-given rights. Anyone who tells you otherwise is a liar or is absolutely insane. If they are merely lying, then their objective most likely is to raise money for some organization which they draw a paycheck from. If they are insane, then they need to be institutionalized, or, their families need to lock them away in some attic or basement. They should not be allowed to mingle with society as they will cause harm to others and perhaps to themselves.

Madonna and the other ′celebrities′ who attended the Women′s March on Washington 2017 probably straddle the lines of both being liars and insane. They may lie because everyone around them in their celebrity bubble world lies as well. So Madonna, Katy Perry and the rest lie to fit in with their fellow celebrity liars. They may be a tad crazy, too, mentally disturbed due to drug abuse and or STD related dementia. History shows that it happens in the best of families. Take Winston Churchill′s father, Randolph. He went batty due to years of excessive drinking and syphilis. Its happened before and yesterday′s march shows its still going on today. That is the unvarnished truth. The Age of Trump is the Age of Honesty. The liars, the stupid, the insane, will no longer be excused and allowed to thrive.

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