President Donald Trump delivered a rousing inauguration speech after being sworn in as the 45th President of the United States of America. The speech was short, lasting just over 16 minutes and its themes were simple. The government is now back in the hands of The People after decades of rule by a few, globalist, elitists. Our national policy now is ′America First′, with every bill, law and action to be geared towards making life better for the American people. The speech was a distillation of those he gave during the campaign, highlighting the fact that as of noon, Friday, there was a new attitude in Washington, DC. An attitude of confidence, optimism and can-do spirit. The old establishment was put on notice that ′business-as-usual′ was over. Patriotism was back!

president donald trump inauguration speech

Aah! Our long nightmare is over. Barack Obama is gone and President Trump is now in charge. The President wasted little time in getting to work immediately. Along with signing some ′house-keeping′ documents, President Trump also rolled back some executive orders on Obamacare, as well as put a halt to any new regulations being implemented. Two cabinet members were approved by the US Senate and they were sworn in by Vice President Mike Pence. Monday will be the first, full working day for the new Trump administration when possibly hundreds of Obama′s executive orders will be eliminated. Already, one can feel that positive change is in the air. Even the White House website has been updated with the phony, climate change section deleted!

Some pundits on TV compared President Trump′s speech with those given by Andrew Jackson, Teddy Roosevelt, John J. Kennedy and Ronald Reagan. But many nitwit liars in The Media crossed the line on their negative reactions. At CNN, the general consensus was that the inauguration speech was ″dark″. The same thing they said of President Trump′s acceptance speech at the GOP convention last summer. Over at MSNBC, Chris Matthews felt no tingles up his thighs as he did for Obama. Instead, he compared the speech with those by Hitler. REALLY??? We′re going to go there, Chris? You couldn′t give President Trump one day of respect? Pretty sad, folks!

Over at Fox News, it was correctly pointed out that some sections of the speech were of such a Populist tone that one could have easily imagined Bernie Sanders giving it. President Trump threw down the gauntlet at The Establishment. He essentially accused the old guard of America′s political elites as a bunch of corrupt thieves. That their behavior will no longer be tolerated! There is a new sheriff in town, a new broom, a new sword of justice. President Trump spelled it out in no, uncertain terms that he blames them for causing decades of decline in our nation. He encouraged The People to vote these bastards out if they continue in their old ways.

Now, I have to say, there was one moment that caused me to be concerned. Shortly after President Trump began his inauguration speech, about a dozen or so military officers suddenly appeared behind him. For one brief instant, I thought that either there was going to be a coup or that there was some other, unknown threat. However, after about a minute or so, the officers retreated. They did return during the closing prayers and stood at attention during the National Anthem. Perhaps there was a miscue in appearance when then popped up during President Trump′s speech? None of the TV commentators mentioned the incident after the speech. But I am curious as to what that was all about?

All in all, President Donald John Trump gave a great inauguration speech. It was positive, optimistic and loaded with backbone and muscle. He only referred to himself three times, a major departure from speeches by Barack Obama, who generally refers to himself at least three times per minute. I have to say that I am very, VERY happy! President Trump made it very clear that he works for us, the American People. That he is merely the messenger of our voices and will. That his goal is to restore the concepts of pride and patriotism, unifying our nation under God. America is a brighter, happier country today. President Trump is on the job and will Make America Great Again!

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