Here I was planning to take the day off to celebrate the inauguration of Donald John Trump as our 45th President of the United States of America. But, last night I saw something truly heinous. During the Tucker Carlson show on the Fox News Channel, reporter Griff Jenkins did a live report from outside the National Press Club in Washington, DC. Inside, Trump supporters were holding the ′DeploraBall′ party. Outside, a group of protesters organized by #DisruptJ20 were causing mayhem. One of the protesters was a young boy, maybe 10 years old or so, who called himself ″Carter″. Jenkins interviewed Carter, who bragged about starting a small fire on the street. When asked by Jenkins why he started the fire, Carter replied, ″Because I felt like it and because I′m just saying, screw the president.″

child starts fire at trump protest

This kid is the product of the Barack Obama legacy. Carter is the poster child of the Obama Era. Protest, defy authority, start fires, destroy property, disregard laws, brag about your criminality. In my opinion, Carter is not much different than the four hooligans who kidnapped and tortured a mentally disabled man live on Facebook. Charles Krauthammer said of Carter that he has, ″a whiff of ISIS″. Yep, Carter is a future, serial killer waiting to happen. All thanks to Barack Obama and decades of Liberalism.

If Obama had a son, he may not look like Carter, but he′d sure act like him! Out of control, no regard for moral standards, decency, or any ethics. Carter does whatever he wants to do and his parents are just fine with that. They probably encourage him to be a little monster. I have to wonder if they will still do so if Carter one day kills somebody? They will probably use the ′Twinkie′ excuse, or perhaps ′affluence-sa′. If it were not for Carter being born with ′White Privilege′, then maybe he wouldn′t be such a monster?

This is what America has been becoming thanks to the Liberal-Progressive agenda. This is why enough ′REAL′ Americans voted to elect Donald J. Trump to stop this trend. To restore ′Law and Order′ and to Make America Great Again. Carter has no intention of making America anything but a pile of ashes. Nor do his parents, allowing their young child to run around the streets on a cold night without a jacket. They should be arrested for child endangerment, if for no other reason, than for taking Carter to a violent protest.

Oh, it was violent! There were clashes with police and tear gas or pepper spray was used at one point. Once again, we have a situation where a group organized a riot from across state lines, a federal felony offense. Have any of the organizers of #DisruptJ20 been arrested? Nope! Not by anyone from the Obama Justice Department. No calls for investigations or probes on criminal conspiracies using RICO laws.

Yes, it took this runt of an arsonist child to force me to work on the Donald Trump inauguration day. A day I had intended to celebrate with pizza, cookies, cholocate-chip-mint ice cream and plenty of marijuana! Perhaps even some fine, 47-year old Canadian whiskey, too! Especially after listening to Toby Keith during the Make America Great Again Welcome Concert held at the Lincoln Memorial yesterday. ″Raise your drinks if you oppose evil forces. Whiskey for my men and beer for our horses!″

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