Tucker Carlson was hilarious last night as he exposed an Inauguration Day protest hoax. A rather shady ′company′ known as ″Demand Protest″ allegedly was hiring professional protesters nationwide to go to Washington and protest during the Inauguration Day ceremonies. Originally, as the ′story′ goes, they were offering $50-per-hour, along with a $2,500-per-month retainer for some 1,800 protesters. The ′story′ went viral, of course, as does everything else on the Internet. Tucker Carlson interviewed one of the ′heads′ of Demand Protest, a Dominic, ′Dom′ Tullipso. Immediately, Carlson demanded that Tullipso (the Ls are silent) offer some proof as to his real name. After that, the ′interview′ went bizarro quickly as it became obvious that Tullipos was most likely some Alt-Right comic trolling The Media to expose them for being the dummies which they are.

tucker carlson protest hoax

Tullipos gleefully enjoyed his being exposed, probably since he could go and start another hoax to demonstrate how stupid The Media are. Perhaps he′ll return with another wave of stories about the incredible investment opportunities in the bull semen stock and futures markets? We all know how Hillary Clinton made a killing there! Normally, I haven′t been watching much of Tucker Carlson since he switched to prime time. Usually there is something better on TV. But, as it turned out, last night was dreadful. There was nothing good on until 10pm when the History Channel aired a brand new episode of ″Forged In Fire″, which happens to be my favorite show these days.

I certainly was not going to watch the other prime-time series on the History Channel, ″Secrets of Oak Island″. Maybe Tucker Carlson should have the crew from that series on? Talk about hoaxes! That show has been on for 3 years or so now and they have yet to find anything. Even Scott Wolter of ″America Unearthed″ produced more results! Which is why I love ″Forged In Fire″, since in every episode, the competing bladesmiths produce several sharp, working knives and two historic weapons. I just love it when martial arts expert, Doug Marcaida tells the bladesmiths after testing their weapons, ″It…, will KILL!″

Tucker Carlson sure killed the spoof created by Mr. Dom Tullipso, if that is his real name? The best part was when Tullipso said that just 30 minutes before going on the show, his ′company′ had switched sides. They were no longer sending their professional protesters to protest against Trump, but, instead, to protest against the other anti-Trump protesters. It seems that Demand Protest supports Peyton Manning (that′s right, PEYTON MANNING, not Chelsea/Bradley Manning) and their client has determined that Trump may be more willing to release the ′Roswell Files′. Even ′Dom Tullipos (silent Ls), seemed grateful that Tucker Carlson was intelligent enough to recognize that a ′Fake News′ hoax was in play to humiliate The Media again. As if the last hoax about the so-called ′Russian dossier′ created on 4chan.org wasn′t funny enough! CNN swallowed that hoax hook, line, and sinker!

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