There are about two dozen Congressional members of the Democratic Party planning to stage an Inauguration Day boycott. Some, like Rep. John Lewis (D-GA), think that President-Elect Donald J. Trump is ″illegitimate″. They cite the fake news rumors about Russian hackers and actions by FBI Director James Comey as reasons why Trump beat Hillary Clinton. Trump fired back at these munchkins in a series of tweets on Twitter. He called out John Lewis for allowing his Congressional District to suffer from mistaken policies. Trump also tweeted that, if anything, the FBI and Justice Department did Hillary a big favor by not indicting her for her obvious crimes. So are these Congressional Democrats just sore losers? Or are they still avoiding the reality that their side blew it by being ″too cocky″ and just wrong-headed?

inauguration day boycott

With the Donald Trump inauguration now just four, full days away, Liberals are getting crazier by the hour. I am truly amazed that they are still going on about that stupid ′dossier′ they believed was part of some Russian blackmail attempt. As if the fake news, anti-Trump ′fan fiction′ story about the ′golden showers′ were not dumb enough. Another one of the fake news items was about how Donald Trump would go grocery shopping so he could steal bottles of vodka! Aside from the fact that Trump doesn′t even drink alcohol, does anybody really think that Trump likes to go shop-lifting?

As for the whole FBI-James Comey business, Donald Trump is absolutely correct! Hillary Clinton has nothing to complain about. Nor her team of sycophants. They should have all been indicted and facing trial for the numerous crimes they committed. Not the least of which were lying to Congress, lying to investigators and obstructing justice. If anyone was going to be blackmailed by the Russians, it was Hillary! Her disregard for any national security standards completely disqualifies her from holding any federal office. She does not deserve to have any power over the public.

I can understand why the Democratic Party and their Liberal supporters are acting so crazy. They have lost all, real political power. Barack Obama cost them the House and Senate, and, now, the White House, too! They have nothing. On the state level, the Democrats have also lost power. Hillary barely carried 10% of America′s counties. Geographically, they are cooked, finished. It will take them years to recover, if they ever can. If they think just raising big money from fat cats like George Soros will work, think again. Trump proved that money is irrelevant compared to message and enthusiasm. Trump blew away 16 Republican candidates and the entire Democratic Party with a small, disciplined force. He won the battle of ideas in what could be described as a political Battle of Agincourt.

Fine, let a bunch of sour-grape Democrats do an Inauguration Day boycott. They are only hurting themselves. They obviously do not want to Make America Great Again. Guys like John Lewis just want to keep the country in the gutter so they can exploit their game of ′plantation politics′. President-Elect Donald J. Trump will be sworn into office on Friday and there is nothing that can stop that from happening. I′m surprised fools like John McCain and Lindsey Graham are not joining them. They are just as stupid as John Lewis and his Liberal pals.

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