Start putting the champagne on ice! Just one more week till Trump Day! Yes! In just 7 days, President-Elect Donald J. Trump will take the oath of office and become the 45th President of the United States of America. While most American await this blessed event with great anticipation, the crazy Liberals are getting crazier. Even Barack Hussein Obama and his administration are still trying do ruin the country as much as possible. The latest outrage was Obama ending the decades old policy of ′Wet Foot, Dry Foot′ for Cuban refugees. Seems that Obama does not believe that Cubans should be running away from a Communist dictatorship, but, instead, should be running towards it. Or, at least, staying put in Cuba.


By the way, what is with Obama first giving himself some sort of ′lifetime achievement′ medal, and yesterday giving a ′Medal of Freedom′ to Joe Biden? I guess Obama is not satisfied with having been given a Noble Peace Prize, even though he is the first U.S. president to have been at war everyday during his term in office. Perhaps Obama thinks he deserves his medal for releasing more violent criminals into the population than any other president? Or maybe because he increased the National Debt more than all other presidents combined?

Meanwhile, the idiots in The Media are still going bonkers after getting trolled by 400-pound, Cheeto-munching Internet forum posters on, claimed to be Russian GRU and FSB agents. I saw an interview with Sen. Bob Corker (R-TN), who said something rather interesting. He explained that he has had many briefings by members of the ′Intelligence Community′, and that they usually are vague and not very specific. But, this latest briefing on the alleged Russian hacking was the most detailed and specific he has ever had. Hmm! I have to wonder if this is like the old Sherlock Holmes story, ″Silver Blaze″. The one about the race horse which went missing and how Holmes solved the case thanks to the ″dog that didn′t bark″. Makes me wonder if the reason this briefing was so specific and detailed because the Intel Community manufactured the whole thing?

There is a lot of fishy stuff going on as the end of the Age of Obama draws near. Now the Justice Department Inspector General is going to investigate FBI Director Comey on his actions during the Hillary Clinton probe. However, the IG is not going to investigate Loretta Lynch for meeting with Bill Clinton on a tarmac in Phoenix, nor is he going to investigate the probe itself and why no charges were brought against Hillary? Yep, fishy, very fishy!

Then we have another juicy item of fishiness. The Obama administration is warning allies, including Israel, not to share their intelligence with Donald Trump, as he may pass the info along to the Russians! Now this is simply the most brazen act of sour grapes I have ever seen! I cannot wait till Inauguration Day! Obama is the most vile, treacherous scumbag who has ever occupied the White House! There is no limit to his evilness. I know that there is a tradition of not conducting any criminal investigations of former presidents, but in Obama′s case, as well as for Bill and Hillary Clinton, Trump and Jeff Sessions have to reconsider for the sake of justice. Where is CNN and BuzzFeed on how Obama suddenly has the cash to buy three mansions? One of them being some $20 Million dollar estate in Hawaii? Did Obama′s blind-trust invest in bull sperm futures and stock and make a killing? I ask you!

I have no idea what new lunacy we will see over the next seven days, but absolutely nothing would surprise me when it comes to the criminal actions of Barack Hussein Obama. He was a thug in Chicago, a corrupt senator in Illinois, engaged in criminal activity while a U.S. Senator in helping a former Iraqi Energy Minister escape from prison and seek asylum in Chicago. Bad enough that Obama lies about everything. There is no end to his evil ways.

So, with just one week to go till Trump Day, I am keeping my eyes open and weapons at the ready. I am counting down the minutes, the seconds, until President Donald J. Trump takes office. Then, at long last, America will be saved from the mad man Obama, a.k.a. Barry Soetoro. Yes, Trump will turn the country around and Make America Great Again. But, if he really wants to ′Drain The Swamp′, Trump will need to deal with the legacy of corruption left behind by Obama and the Clintons. Only then we will have real justice in our nation and be respected by the world at large.

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