President-Elect Donald J. Trump held his first news conference since July yesterday. The purpose of the press conference was to detail how Trump would separate himself from his business. He also was to reveal his cabinet pick for the Veterans Administration and other topics. But, instead, much of the presser became a raucous battle between Donald Trump and ′Fake News′ organizations like CNN and BuzzFeed. He also accused the ′Intelligence Community′ of leaking information about his briefings and other matters. At one point, Trump went head-to-head against CNN ′reporter′, Jim Acosta, admonishing Acosta for being ″rude″ and belonging to a ″terrible organization″. Acosta tried to pose a question to Trump, but eventually was dismissed when Trump told him point-blank, ″You are Fake News!″

donald trump news conference

I loved it! It was ′Classic Trump′. The only things missing were the ″Centipede″ song by Knife Party and Acosta getting shot by a meme of a high-powered rifled, followed by another meme of ″+420″. I really hope Can′t Stump The Trump on You-Tube does a new video on the event! That would be fantastic!

I covered the whole ′Fake News′ story yesterday prior to the press conference. The bottom line is that the ′Intelligence Community′, and some media organizations got played by some hoaxers on the renegade forum site, A piece of anti-Trump, fan fiction posted on 4chan many months ago somehow wound up in the hands of an ex-British MI6 agent who was working for a firm doing opposition research, first for other Republican candidates, then, for the Hillary Clinton campaign. Senator John McCain even had gotten a hold of it, told that it was part of some Russian disinformation scheme, and he gave the info to the FBI! Then, the CIA and other Intelligence agencies got their mitts on it and included as part of a briefing to Barack Obama. A two-page summary was allegedly included to a briefing days later to President-Elect Donald J. Trump.

I′m sorry, but this whole thing is too funny to me! Call it my twisted sense of humor and general cynicism. This whole episode demonstrates just how terrible our government functions. It has gotten so bloated, so big, so corrupt and so politicized that an absolutely ridiculous posting on the Internet became classified as a vital piece of intelligence in regards to our national security. The square-hairs in the Intelligence Community are so out of touch with what is happening on the Internet. Then you have dopes like John McCain who buy into the notion that the product of some Cheeto-munching dufus on 4chan is actually the work of the Russian GRU or FSB. Add to that fools in The Media who are so eager to publish anything that casts Donald Trump in a bad light that they buy the story as well.

Let me tell you what goes on at Probably about 80-90% of the posts in their forums are usually pornography. People have been posting porno pictures to share on the Internet since before AltNet! A fair amount of the ′artwork′ on 4chan is artwork, usually of the Japanese ′Hentia′ style. Then there is that little corner of 4chan known as /pol/, standing for Politically Incorrect. Most of what goes on there is racist chatter, usually against Jews and Blacks. But, you also have Liberals posting there, too, arguing with Alt-Right types plus trashing Trump, America, and Mom′s apple pie!

CNN went ballistic following the Donald Trump news conference trying to dig themselves out of the hole they dug themselves into. Now, to be fair, they were not the first to allude to the ′dossier′. Mother Jones magazine alluded to it several months ago. But, after CNN mentioned it on Tuesday, BuzzFeed went ahead and posted the whole, 35-page document on line. Mind you, just about every news organization on the planet had the information since last summer. Nobody else even mentioned it since it was completely unsupported since it was complete fiction. That is why nobody could verify any of it! It was FICTION!

However, the pointed-headed ninnies at CNN and BuzzFeed decided that it was worth mentioning, and this is what led to all of the mess yesterday. The document fit neatly into their incorrect, insane world-view. Liberalism is based on lies, on pure fantasy. The very notion that a government can legislate behavior 100% of the time and create a Utopia is plain crazy. Writing laws to promote common sense, like obeying traffic lights at a busy intersection, is one thing. But when you go beyond common sense, the law is as irrational as the behavior it is attempting to control.

Back during the GOP primaries, I heard all sorts of rumors about many of the candidates. Some of the opposition research was pretty wild. I alluded to some of it but also with the warning that these were just rumors. My point in doing that was to demonstrate that the argument that other candidates would be treated fairer than Donald Trump by The Media was nonsense. Whoever the GOP nominee was going to be, they would get hammered by The Press. There was dirt on everybody. However, Donald Trump, who has been in the public spotlight for over 40 years, was the best option for bulldozing his way through the garbage by The Media. Trump was a sufficiently high-profile celebrity that anything of any real substance would have been exposed long before in a Page-Six column in the New York Post. Trump had media-immunity and even when confronted, he knew how to fight back, unlike John McCain, Mitt Romney, or any of the other schmucks running in 2016.

The President-Elect Donald Trump news conference was extremely informative, especially once we got past the Fake News nonsense. Trump and one of his lawyers laid out a very smart plan for how his business would be run by Eric and Don Jr. As for CNN ′reporter′ Jim Acosta, he should be thankful that Trump didn′t tell him ″Get to the chopper′. Even though that is an ′Arnold-line′, I′m sure that the Trump helicopter could have given Acosta a nice trip out over the middle of New York Harbor. Just be careful with that first step out, it′s a doosey! Or, as James Bond quipped in ″You Only Live Twice″, ″Its just a drop in the ocean.″

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