Chalk up another victory for! This time a piece of anti-Trump, fan fiction gets swallowed by the CIA, Buzzfeed and CNN as real news, when, in truth, its Fake News! The story spread so quickly that it even came up during a Senate intelligence hearing with FBI Director James Comey. But the CIA, Buzzfeed and CNN all thought it was the real McCoy. The story, itself, was about how the Russians had blackmail material on Donald Trump, specifically about an alleged incident in 2013. How, while Trump was in Moscow for the Miss Universe pageant, ordered his entourage to perform a ′golden shower′ on the very same hotel bed once slept upon by Barack Obama. There is more, which I′ll get to in a moment, but first, permit me to thank the folks at ZeroHedge and other sites which actually got the story right on how this was a Fake News piece posted on 4Chan.

CIA BuzzFeed Fake News

With so much going on in the past 24 hours, I was wondering which story will I write about? We have how the Far Left loons from Code Pink and other groups made absolute fools of themselves at the Jeff Sessions confirmation hearings yesterday. Then, we have the Obama farewell speech which I did not bother watching since I knew it would be nothing but lies. I read that he ONLY referred to himself some 75 times! He must be cutting back! Oh yes, we also have the crazy story about the anti-Cop painting in the Capitol Building which is causing a ruckus.

But, no, the award goes to how the CIA, BuzzFeed and CNN all got snookered by some clown on 4Chan! I try keeping up on what goes on there regularly and its rough. Such as a posting this morning about how actor Will Smith was found dead at the Scientology building in Los Angeles. The site′s Politically Incorrect section, known as /pol/, is pure insanity, with a slice of twisted humor. Much of it is anti-Jew and anti-Black rants, but there are some clever gems to be found here and there.

Let us consider this whole story. One of the allegations, allegedly from a ′reliable source′ of an ex-MI6 British intelligence officer, is that Trump′s lawyer, Michael Cohen, met with Russian officials in Prague last summer. Well, it turns out that Cohen has never been to Prague, and that on the date specified from the ′reliable source′, which the CIA apparently believes, Cohen was actually in California meeting with his son′s baseball couch at USC. Neither the CIA, nor BuzzFeed or CNN, seem to be interested in the truth.

Now, if folks in our CIA are being misled by trollers on 4Chan, then what does that tell us? Can we believe anything they claim to be true? Call it getting trolled or getting scammed, it all amounts to the same thing. Back during the election campaign, other ′news′ websites got trolled as part of an actual Alt-Right effort to create memes which appeared to have originated from the Hillary Clinton campaign. I think it was The Daily Beast which actually got suckered on that one to the point where they wrote an article about how great the memes were in promoting Clinton! Only later they found out that the memes were from Alt-Right sh*tl-lords trolling at

I laugh and I laugh! Getting back to the CIA, and those 17 U.S. intelligence agencies who think that Russia supplied Julian Assange with the DNC and John Podesta emails, you wonder why I am so skeptical? This incident about Donald Trump ordering golden showers on Obama′s bed in Moscow is so silly, how could any ′REAL′ journalist buy into it, let alone some analyst from the CIA entrusted with our nation′s security? The same fools in The Media who swallowed this fake news story still completely ignore the John Podesta ′pizza party′ story, even though that actually came from his emails! But, of course, the real kicker is how our 17 intelligence agencies get played by a bunch of Cheeto-munching trolls on 4chan! One would hope that our intelligence apparatus is a tad smarter than The Media.

But, apparently they are not any brighter. This is obviously a sign of just how corrupted and politicized our intelligence agencies have become under Barack Obama. For the past few weeks, all we have been getting are fake news stories about how the Russians tried to influence our elections. How Russian and Vladimir Putin are the reason why Hillary Clinton lost. It is simply too shocking for these idiots on the Far-Left to consider for one moment that maybe, just maybe, the American people have had enough of Obama, Hillary and the rest of the Democrats lying to them! They cannot wrap their pointy heads around that concept!

No, 4chan has actually done us all a great service. They have exposed the failings of both our national security machinery, along with The Media, as being a bunch of stupid suckers. How easily they will swallow any fake news story which fits neatly inside their world view. This also demonstrates just how frightened the Washington Establishment is of Donald Trump. Not only has he beaten them at their own, highly-rigged game, but Trump is also outsmarting them by not believing their BS.

So kudos to the gang at for trolling not only the idiots in The Media, but also for slipping one down the throats of some dopy hacks at the CIA! Yes, CIA< BuzzFeed and CNN, you got TROLLED! Maybe next time you get a tip on a potential fake news story, you might do a little homework, first, before going public on it? Like how this ex-MI6 agent was working opposition research against Donald Trump by both other GOP candidates and the Hillary Clinton campaign. Not exactly an unpaid, independent source. I hope when the Trump press conference starts in a few minutes, this fake news story gets exposed for what it actually is.

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