The Golden Globes 2017 awards show was on TV last night and as expected, a parade of Hollywood idiots took the stage to bash America. The left-wing celebrities are still fuming over Hillary Clinton being defeated by President-Elect Donald J. Trump. The overall hypocrisy was overflowing. Take Meryl Streep, for example. She won some ′life-time-achievement′ award and gave a long rant full of lies. Streep complained about disrespect and of the inciting of violence, presumably by the Trump campaign and his supporters. However, as we learned from all of those leaked emails, as well as by some actual, under-cover, genuine journalism, that it was the DNC, the Hillary campaign and all of the Far-Left, Liberal-Progressive PACs and orgs which were behind the violence. They′ve also been the ones disrespecting the election results since the vote.

golden globe 2017

Needless to say, I did not personally watch the Golden Globes. I was tuned in to PBS watching the new season of ″Sherlock″, starring Benedict Cumberbatch. Now, I have to say, while I enjoy a good plot twist, there were several in the first two episodes which went far beyond the pale. Seriously? Sherlock Holmes spends much of a night with a women whom he does not recognize as being his sister??? No, they did not have sex! She came in disguise to hire him as a client, claiming that her father, a billionaire philanthropist, was a serial killer. Sure, Sherlock was drugged up on smack or meth as well as pining over his role in the death of John Watson′s wife. So while that may put him off his game a bit, I find it really hard to grasp that Sherlock could have been so thoroughly fooled by his sister! Even if she is some psychopathic killer.

But the real fools out last night were all in Hollywood at the 2017 Golden Globe Award show. As we all know, the Golden Globes are decided by foreign celebrity journalists covering the entertainment industry. Foreign Leftists awarding American Leftists. Like the American Lefties need any help. Oddly enough, many foreigners won, such as those involved in the AMC miniseries, ″The Night Manager″. More and more of the casts of many favorite American TV shows are made up of foreigners playing Americans. Most of the actors and actresses on AMC′s hit series, ″The Walking Dead″ are foreigners playing Americans. Maybe Donald Trump will build a wall to keep them out? Or maybe deport Meryl Streep along with illegal immigrants committing heinous crimes against the American people? Her acting is a crime! I can′t think of a single movie other than maybe ″The Deer Hunter″ that she was any good in. Just from the clips I′ve seen of the awards show, it looked more to me like a live-action version of ″Team America, World Police″. We all know what happened to Meryl Streep in that movie!

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