I have read the 25-page, declassified, Russian hacking intelligence briefing report and will offer my analysis of it today. I truly hope that this is the last time I have to write about this ′fake news′ story, because it is really dull and really stupid. To that end, in short, my opinion on this new report is the following. To paraphrase the late Sgt. Abraham Ford from ″The Walking Dead″, ″I have been to 8 county fairs and one goat rodeo″ and this is the dumbest pack of lies I′ve ever seen! But, let us say, for a moment, that the report is actually ′The Truth′. This leads me to an even grimmer view of the world for the following reasons.

Russian hacking report

Okay, let us assume that the report is correct that the Russians were hacking us in order to stop Hillary Clinton from being elected. Why? Are they that scared of her? As Secretary of State, Hillary Clinton bombed on every foreign policy issue. She goofed with the Russia ′reset′. She goofed backing the Arab Spring. She goofed on Libya, Syria, Iran, and Iraq. She goofed on Darfur, Somalia and the Congo. She goofed on China and North Korea. I cannot think of a single event where she was correct!

As for national security, Hillary Clinton was horrible at protecting our nation′s secrets. She used a private, unsecured email server to communicate with. She kept losing her Blackberries and iPads. Most of the time in office she was using unmodified, unsecured devices purchased on eBay to communicate with. On top of that, she handed over to the Russians 20% of our uranium deposits in exchange for a couple fat paychecks to her husband. Speaking of Bill Clinton, he was so lax on national security that he lost the nuclear ′football′ once! So fearing Hillary Clinton makes absolutely no sense, whatsoever.

This leads me to a very grim revelation if the report is true. That the Russians, including Vladimir Putin, are just as stupid as Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, the Democrats and Liberal pundits in The Media! Now, call me a Objectivist optimist, or maybe I′ve read too many Tom Clancy novels, but I like to think that somewhere in the bowels of the CIA, there is at least one person who is intelligent. The same for the FSB.

I turn to an old British World War 2 movie I enjoy, ″Sink the Bismark″. Kenneth Moore portrays a no-nonsense sea captain who is promoted to Chief of Naval Operations at the Admiralty Building in London. He replaces a feel-good, ′Captain Friendly′ type who was popular with his crew. One admiral comments to the First Sea Lord about Moore′s character as being ″cold hearted″. The Sea Lord replies, ″I wish he had no heart at all, just a brain, an enormous brain.″

So are the Russians that stupid to think that Hillary Clinton is more of a threat to them? Maybe so! I turn to another favorite movie, ″Dr. Strangelove″, where George C. Scott′s character goes off on a rant about how dumb the Ruskies are. Yeah we all know they got a guts! ″Look at how many got killed fighting those Nazis!″ But they are too stupid to comprehend an aircraft like a B-52 bomber. You have to say that Khrushchev was pretty dumb for putting nuclear missiles in Cuba. Did he really think that no U-2 pilot was going to notice them? Communism, itself, is a stupid idea, destined for failure!

Do I buy this latest Russian hacking intelligence briefing report? Nope, I still do not! The Barack Obama administration lies about everything. From Obamacare to unemployment numbers to Benghazi, from supplying guns to drug cartels and terrorists to the threat posed by ISIS. Nothing that Obama or his minions say is the truth. Obama politicized the Justice Department and the IRS, so why not our intelligence agencies? Did they not cook the books about ISIS? They sure did!

But, even if they did not lie in this intel report, it still does not matter. For, if the Russians really were scared of Hillary Clinton and thought she was going to win, then they are just as dumb as the dumbest, Liberal, American politician or ′journalist′, and therefore, not a real problem. So, in the long run, it does not really matter either way. Donald Trump won and will soon be sworn in as the 45th President of the United States. Nothing which the Russians may have done did much to change the election outcome. Hillary Clinton lost the election thanks to her own, and Barack Obama′s stupidity. Their policies and lies were just too much. Add to that how Trump simply outworked her on the campaign trail. Case closed, ended and time to move forward!

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