President-Elect Donald J. Trump will be briefed today by four US Intelligence chiefs on the Russian hacking topic. FBI Director James Comey, CIA Director John Brennan, NSA chief Admiral Mike Rogers and DNI head James Clapper will meet with Trump this afternoon. They will allegedly provide Trump with the same briefing which they presented to Barack Obama yesterday. Oddly enough, the briefing was leaked to NBC News. Prior to the Obama briefing, the group testified before a US Senate Intelligence Committee and were questioned on the alleged Russian hacking.

Donald Trump intelligence briefing

Naturally, those in The Media have been misleading on the skepticism by Trump over the hacking issue. They are trying to paint Trump as being irrational over his skepticism. However, Trump has been very consistent in what he has problems with this story. There are many valid, rational questions which have yet to be answered.

To begin with, nobody disagrees that Russia does not try hacking our computer systems. Everybody tries, including China, Iran and North Korea. We hack them, too! It was not all that long ago when we learned that the NSA had hacked the communications of German Chancellor Angela Merkel. Hacking computers, cell phones, etc., is something that every national intelligence service does.

While there may be evidence that Russia has tried hacking American government systems, no real, concrete evidence has yet to be presented that they were behind the John Podesta emails which were published by WikiLeaks. There is very little evidence that they may have been behind the hacking of the DNC computer system. In fact, we now learn that the DNC never allowed the FBI to have access to their system as part of an investigation into the alleged hacking.

Even James Clapper confirmed yesterday during the Senate hearing that there is no evidence of the Russians hacking our election systems, including altering the results. Clapper went on to admit that there is no way by which our intelligence agencies could determine the effect on voters of alleged Russian misinformation efforts. If the substance of the briefing leaked to NBC News is accurate, Donald Trump will not learn much of anything new today. A public report is scheduled to be released next week, which will only further add to the skepticism.

This whole news story has been what one may describe as ′Fake News′. The purpose being to deflect blame away from Hillary Clinton and Barack Obama as to why the Democrats lost the 2016 elections. Democrats and their allies in The Media refuse to consider the truth that Donald Trump was a better candidate, had a better message, and that Hillary and Obama were punished by voters for their many lies and failings. The Democrats got spanked, pure and simple! No kidding that Russian officials celebrated Trump′s victory since they are smart enough to see how Obama and Hillary have made a mess of the world. Whom, in the right minds, would want another 4 or 8 years of failing American leadership. Even the Russians know that the planet is better off when America is strong and behaves rationally.

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