Tucker Carlson will replace Megyn Kelly at the 9pm, prime-time slot on the Fox News Channel starting Monday. This follows an announcement earlier this week that Kelly is jumping ship, heading for NBC. Carlson recently took over the 7pm time slot once held by Greta Van Susteren, who left after the whole Roger Ailes fiasco. Greta will soon be hosting a show on MSNBC ay 6pm. Kelly is said to be hosting a day-time talk show on NBC, as well as specials and other assignments. Carlson has been building an audience with his ′smash-mouth′ brand of interviews, exposing Liberal buffoons for the fools that they are. Martha McCallum will move from the 9am time slot to take over Tucker′s 7pm gig.

Tucker Carlson

I am not a big fan of Tucker Carlson, but he′s ′okay′. Some of his antics are fun to watch. A couple of weeks ago, Carlson shellacked some dope from the NY Times or such who tried to counter Tucker with a binder full of lies allegedly from Carlson. The binder even had those plastic, color tabs apparently categorizing the many lies of Tucker Carlson. The fool never actually read anything from it, I suspect that either some intern or maybe himself spent the day fashioning the binder. Liberals just love binders for some odd reason. Probably to compensate for a lack of a backbone.

As predicted by myself last year, Megyn Kelly was obviously playing for a new job when she attempted to stump Donald Trump during the first GOP primary debate. She wanted to be ′The One′ who torpedoed Trump, but, she failed. Not only did she fail to ruin the Trump campaign, but she actually helped him while hurting her own ratings. At times, Kelly′s show had worse numbers than even Rachel Maddow of MSNBC. Kelly tried to recover, sporting a new ′do′ which made her look like some dominatrix. But audiences saw through her phony fierceness. After she sided with Gretchen Carlton in the Roger Ailes fiasco, there was no longer any future for Megyn Kelly at Fox News. Plans for her to take over Bill O′Reilly′s time spot were gone for good.

It may be a coincidence, but both Megyn Kelly and Greta Van Susteren both got their big breaks on TV during the OJ Simpson murder trial. So it seems fitting that they both are leaving Fox News now that the new era is upon us. Kelly certainly hurt the network by trying to take down Donald Trump. Because of her, Trump was less friendly with other Fox News personalities for a brief time. Now, with Trump headed for the White House, the last thing FNC wants to have is another debacle caused by Megyn Kelly. Such may cause them to lose access. As for NBC, they are less concerned since they have always been part of the enemy.

So congratulations to Tucker Carlson for winning the Megyn Kelly time slot on the Fox News Channel. Frankly, I would have rather seen Kimberly Guilfolye get her own show instead. But, FNC is probably worried since Kimberly is considering a run for the job as Mayor of New York City. So she may not be around much longer as it is. Eric Bolling would have made a good choice for replacing Megyn Kelly. Bolling was a strong Trump supporter from the very beginning and never wavered, unlike others. Perhaps he is being held in the bullpin to replace Bill O′Reilly, who is considering switching careers to produce more docudramas.

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